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  • Pauling’s Induction into the National Academy of Sciences

    Pauling’s Induction into National Academy Sciences

    Since its formation in 1863, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has been a home of sorts for the country’s (and a few of the world’s) most distinguished... Read more

    The 07 november 2018 by   Scarc
  • For Vivien on Her Birthday

    Vivien Birthday

    105 years ago, in the hill station of Darjeeling, West Bengal, Vivien Leigh came into the world. She's been gone for over half a century but she continues to... Read more

    The 05 november 2018 by   Kendrajbean
  • Dogged Discoveries

    Dogged Discoveries

    – contributed by CCHP graduate assistant Arianna Iliff.Most of my coworkers here at the CCHP know that I am an animal lover, and that I’ll gladly show you... Read more

    The 05 november 2018 by   Chp
  • Greenwich Town Hall

    Greenwich Town Hall

    Greenwich no longer has a town hall: when the borough was merged with neighbouring Woolwich, the new authority took the latter's town hall as its base. Read more

    The 04 november 2018 by   Carolineld
  • The Gibbs Medal

    Gibbs Medal

    On June 14, 1946, Linus and Ava Helen Pauling traveled to Chicago to attend a dinner recognizing Linus Pauling as the thirty-fifth recipient of the Josiah... Read more

    The 31 october 2018 by   Scarc
  • The Langmuir Award

    Langmuir Award

    In 1931 Linus Pauling was early on in his career as a professor at the California Institute of Technology, and was deep into a program of research on... Read more

    The 24 october 2018 by   Scarc
  • Hawksmoor, Wolfe, and Fuller's Earth: St Alfege Church Crypt

    Hawksmoor, Wolfe, Fuller's Earth: Alfege Church Crypt

    St Alfege Church is a Greenwich landmark, standing in its centre since the eighteenth century when it replaced its collapsed predecessor. Read more

    The 21 october 2018 by   Carolineld
  • James LuValle, the Olympic Chemist

    James LuValle, Olympic Chemist

    “Mr. LuValle has made an excellent record in his graduate work with us. He is classed in the upper group of our graduate students, despite the fact that the... Read more

    The 17 october 2018 by   Scarc