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History of Kedarnath Temple

By Deepakbagwari @deepakbagwari
  History of Kedarnath 

although kedarnath temple history have two myth but which one is known better is that here
Thousand years ago.......
When the Pandavas after having big triumph over the Kauravas in the Kurukshetra war in epic MAHABHARTA (Largest epic of Hindu) they felt guilty for killing their own Kith and Kin and sought the bless of Lord Shiva for liberation.When the Pandavas brothers were asked to seek Shiva's blessings purging them of the sin of killing their kith and kin. Lord Shiva unwilling to give darshans (glimpse) to the Pandavas brothers and go to hide  incognito in Guptakashi, Guptakashi is the place where lord shiva was detected by the pandavas. When pandavas brothers found lord shiva in Guptakashi then lord shiva covered himself  at Kedarnath in the form of a Buffalo and started to go underground when he was go down he was spotted by the Pandavas brothers. He  was trying to dived deeply into the underground, but unfortunately leaving behind his hump on the surface.this hump of buffalo become history of kedarnath.
In mythological past history, no marvel on this hump of a buffalo which formed later in  natural rock and worshiped here as lord kedarnath in form of hump of buffalo.after that incident Lord Shiva pleased with the doggedness of the Pandavas, absolved  them from their sin, gave them darshan and and also the opportunity for worshiped as hump form.The other four places where Lord Shiva is worshiped take their appearance from different parts of his body  as arms at Tungnath, face at Rudranath, hair at Kalpeshwar,the naval at Madmaheshwar.and thease all places along with kedarnath is called as PANCH KEDAR.
                                        The Mythological Past


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