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Historic Sites I Would Like to Revisit (and an Update)

By Advsinwtloss @advsinwtloss
Now that I've lost weight I have some historic places I need to return to. Those places are The Woodstock (concert) site in Bethel NY and Vanderbilt Mansion/FDR Home in Hyde Park, NY.The reason I am writing about this is the fact that I had some kind of hindrance because of my weight and I did n ot enjoy those places as much as I could.

Historic Sites I Would Like to Revisit (and an update)

A picture I took at the Roosevelt Home in 2006

In, I believe, 2006 I went to the Hyde Park with my friend AJ and Hubby. We visited both the Vanderbilt Mansion and the FDR house. AJ and Hubby are walkers. They will just walk and walk and walk without giving it a second thought. Where other normal people would tire they'd keep going. They found out about a trail between the two homes. They wanted to do it. I of course didn't want to. It was one of those "I'll just stay in the car" kind of moments. I did a lot of that. I had enough walking just doing the tours of the homes that day. Well, I'm going back, probably this summer, with AJ (and most likely her boyfriend MDP) and Hubby and my camera and I will do the walk. There are 2.2 miles between the two houses according to Google Maps and that's taking the driving route. Hubby proposed that I walk it and they come pick me up at the end. I think I might be able to do it round trip! Of course when I do it, you will hear about it here

Historic Sites I Would Like to Revisit (and an update)

Me sitting on the Woodstock hill.
If you look closely you can see
my bad editing to make myself look
thinner. Yes, I was fatter
than that.

Another place I want  to return to is the Woodstock site in Bethel. It was a bucket list thing to go to the site. The museum is nice, kinda small and not too exciting. However, the actual site, which is in the backyard of the museum is just awesome. I really enjoyed sitting in the grass on the hill and envisioning the concert stage in front of me. Why I want to return is the fact I did stay outside as long as I could have. I got tired and wanted to go back to the museum so we could get information about a place, of all things, to eat dinner at. I was really huffing and puffing going up that hill and I really didn't think I was going to make it back to the museum. The museum is like about 300 feet from the top of the hill and I had to stop a few times. The Woodstock hill is surprisingly small.
I have gained so much by losing weight. Last night I enjoyed just moving. I don't remember ever enjoying moving for the sake of moving.. I guess I might have taken it for granted when I was thinner. In time I hope to start to hike mountains again too and I'm going to be buying a bike soon too.
As a follow up to my post last night. Here is a picture of me wearing my Mooby's shirt at the movies in 2009. I'm sure you can guess what movie I was going to see. I know it fit me then because I had it buttoned up. I should have taken a picture of me wearing it last night. I'll get one at another time. I'll do a side by side when I do.
Historic Sites I Would Like to Revisit (and an update)

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