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His Parents Leave My Kids Out

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10070651 His Parents Leave My Kids Out

Most of you will have in-laws or ex in-laws. Did you try to equally split your time fairly between your parents and your partner parents?

When I had my first baby he was the first born on both sides of the family and everything I did was as fair as can be.

Now nearly two years on there are four grandkids for my other half’s side and 4 days after my first born sons second birthday there shall be five.

I have two of those 4 kids;  would anybody like to know the last time my kids got too see there grandparents? It was New Years Eve?

I am livid

Im sick of the not making an effort, Im proper sobbing my heart out writing this

My Dad is trying his hardest too get us to Canada, so for now he watches his grandchildren grow up through a computer screen and it kills me.

They can’t even manage the drive to my house which is less then a 5 MINUTE DRIVE

His Parents Leave My Kids Out!

Its makes me so upset as they clearly favour the other two. And my heartbreaks for my dad, brothers and sister who get a skype now and then

I honestly don’t know what to do anymore

I have had enough of it bringing me down and hurting me

Have you any advice for this mum?

 His Parents Leave My Kids Out

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