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His and Hers Snuggies

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey guys! Happy Thanksgiving Week Monday!

Don’t you just love Thanksgiving??????

thanksgiving kids

If it weren’t for all the presents at Christmas… and the twinkle lights, I’d be a 100% Thanksgiving Girl and it’d be my FAVORITE Holiday.



Before we get to the good stuff… I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all your kind comments and good advice and worried e-mails wondering where I’ve been the last few weeks. They made me feel so good and reminded me that blogging is a NECESSITY in life. Where would I be without it? Probably wondering aimlessly around S. Main Street in my yellow star and moon bathrobe, uggs and a seriously bad hair day.

Okay now the good stuff…..

Breakfast (of Thanksgiving Champions!)


Holy Yum! Gluten Free waffles made in my trusty $20 waffle iron with grape jam and fried eggs. If cereal is America’s Breakfast than waffles and eggs is Planet Nutzo’s Breakfast.

It’s been crazy cold around these parts. Last night it was in the low 40’s. Max and I are actually considering purchasing His and Hers Snuggies. Blankets and fire’s capable of hailing aliens are a necessity most days this fall.


I’ve been slurping Dark Chocolate Silk Almond Milk like nobody’s business.

Do you want to hear all about the latest and greatest????????

You know, since I’ve been completely M.I.A. for 2-3 weeks.


I broke down and bought a Kindle.

I was completely against them because let’s face it, why do we all need 1 more electronic device to carry around?!

So what brought me around?

The only bookstore, aside from CVS’s cheesy romantic novels and Target’s Best Seller’s Wall, just closed so buying a book when living in Salinas, CA requires driving a minimum of 45 minutes. When I want to read about Mr. Darcy’s deep lustful desire for Jane Bennet or Jacob’s desperate attempts to win Bella’s heart I cannot be trusted to safely drive 45 miles to a literary warehouse!!

Kindle was my only hope…. in the words of Princess Leah from Star Wars: A New Hope.


I’ve read 2.4 books in like 9 days. CRAZY SAUCE!

The best/worst part of Kindle reading is there isn’t page numbers only a percentage tracker on the bottom. So, since being a Kindle Reader I’ve been running around sporadically updating various people of my reading progress.

“Hey Mom, I’m 49% done with my book!”

“Jaemen! I only have 9 percent left!”

It’s a strange world and I try my best to enjoy it.

Tell me about you! I want to know……….

are you responsible for a specific dish or dessert every Thanksgiving?

Usually I’m Pie Police but since I can’t eat gluten or dairy this year, I’m abdicating my rule to someone else.

How cold have you been this fall?


Best book you’ve ever read.

I only have 2% left of my latest book and I need a new one STAT!

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