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HIMYM TWIST...I Think I Got It and I'm Really MAD

Posted on the 04 March 2014 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

HIMYM TWIST...I think I got it and I'm really MAD THE ANSWER TO MONDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Lupita Nyong'o graduated from the Yale School of Drama FIRST FIVE: Katie McCartney, Bill McLaughlin, Alex Nagler, Heather Doyle, & Jeff Pellegrini HONORABLE MENTION: Francesca Sullivan 


Friday's Cable Top 5

Gold Rush-Discovery 1.5/4.0
Modern Family-USA .8/1.6
Game of Stones-Discovery .7/2.0
American Dad-.7/1.5
WWE Friday Night Smackdown-Syfy .7/2.7

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5 The Oscars-ABC 12.1/40.1

Oscar Red Carpet-ABC  7.0/26
Amazing Race-CBS 1.5/6.0
60 Minutes-CBS 1.4/9.2
Family Guy-FOX 1.3/2.7

Sunday's Cable Top 5 NA
Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings

The Oscars-ABC 11,163,000 Tweets
The Walking Dead-AMC 439,100 Tweets
Talking Dead-AMC 58,400 Tweets
Jimmy Kimmel Live-ABC 30,100 Tweets
Nuestra Belleza Latina-Univision 41,100 Tweets

Top 5 DVR'ed Shows for the Week of 2/10/14-2/15/14

The Following-FOX From a 1.7 to a 3.2 (+88%)
New Girl-FOX From a 1.3 to a 2.6 (+100%)
Almost Human-FOX From a 1.6 to a 2.8 (+75%)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine-FOX From a 1.2 to a 2.2 (+83%)
Intelligence-CBS From a 1.3 to a 2.2 (+69%)

Oscar Night Numbers:

The Oscars was TV's Most Watched Entertainment Telecast since 2004
Social activity was up 75% Year over Year with over 11 million Tweets Jimmy Kimmel's show delivered 6.9 million insomniacs

Facebook's Top 5 Social Moments of Oscar Night
12 Years a Slave wins Best Picture
Jared Leto wins Best Supporting Actor and thanks hi s Mom
Matthew McConaughey wins Best Actor
Bette Midler sings Wind
Pizza at the Oscars

Demographics of Oscar night activity

Women 18-34
Women 35-49
Men 18-34
Women 50+
Men 35-49

Samsung donated a dollar for every time Ellen's Oscar selfie was retweeted at this point they owe 2.8MM bucks! 

As I predicted, the season premiere of The Americans was up 81% against RA18-49 against Live +3 from 863,000 viewers to 1.5 million viewers. Did I call it or did I call it? 


Ten years from now, Ted and Mom were back at the Inn celebrating their anniversary and coming to the conclusion that they've run out of stories. He knew all of hers, she knew all of his. They officially became an "old married couple" Ted's gray and Mom's finishing his sentences. Flashback to the wedding day when Robin broke a lamp playing hockey with her sister, and watched a movie in her room with Marshall. Name the movie for 10 bonus points. Ted helped Barney pick THE suit he was going to marry Robin in and Robin's Mom is apparently Tracy Ullman. We didn't know that right? At first I didn't get why Ted got  teary when he recounted Robin's Mom showing up for the wedding and then my friend Emily put something on her Facebook page leading me to believe there was a twist and then I woke up and I think I have it. I don't know what to do...should I tell you guys what I think the twist is? What if I'm wrong? I'm going to wait. All I'll say is that if I'm right, I'm going to be SO MAD.   

Puerto Rico's over. Lots of tears when Portia and her sister got their ears pierced. Brandi felt the need to give her parents a car AT Yolanda and David Fosters house, huh? Lisa was still very upset and her eyelashes seemed to be falling off from the stress. The best part of the show was the two very different college drop offs. Kimberly's experience seemed very much like my own. Tiny dorm room, too much stuff, parents driving in 2 cars etc. Gigi's experience VERY different. Million dollar NYC apartment, all new furniture, art, fresh flowers, king size bed and a limousine. Next weeks the finale then 2 reunion shows of crazy cat fighting and then I'll need a vacation from this season.


I hate it when Kimmel beats my FBFF but Jimmy Kimmel had Guillermo on the red carpet doing shots with celebs,  a 5 year old kid who could recite all of Jack Nicholson's  "You Can't Handle The Truth" speech and Rob Ford. Fallon had on Tina Fey (again),  Randy Newman and this cute rendition of "Let it Go" with Adele Dazeem. Check it out:http://www.nbc.com/the-tonight-show/segments/1996.

- Check in later for the list of Dancing with the Stars contestants. 

-The People's Couch is coming back! YEAH! Bravo didn't call or send over a contract, so I guess I didn't get the gig, but I'll def be watching next week. It's coming back on 3/10 -CBS is going to rebroadcast the first 2 episodes of The Amazing Race on Saturday March 8th

-Greg Kinnear's show Rake's been juuuust about cancelled...sent to Friday nights if you care. 

Tuesday's Trivia Question: Name the actor who played Jim Halpert.

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