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HIMYM 7x06: Mystery Vs. History

Posted on the 18 October 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

HIMYM 7x06: Mystery vs. History

Original Air Date: 17 October 2011

Storyline: When Ted goes on a date without researching the girl on the Internet, the gang interferes, showing Kevin that they are too into each other's business. Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall come to terms with finding out the sex of their baby. Best quote:  Robin: I found Janet McIntyre, who's been widowed three times. She's obviously killing her husbands!Barney: Oh, my God! They're six minutes into the date! Ted's probably already told her that he loves her! We've got to get down there!

Not the mother: Janet McIntyre
The Ted Mosby:  So, while this font is often mistaken for Helvetica, the fact is... it's Helvetica Bold.

The Review: How cute was it that Barney's ducky tie matched the walls in the nursery, right? (I will not stop mentioning the tie until he takes it off, so get used to it.)The episode follows Kevin as he marvels at the disturbing behavior his girlfriend and her friends display every time they are together - which is all the time, including when taking a dump or going on a date. And as much as I'd like to disagree, these dynamics only work in a sitcom and I'd definitely be annoyed if my friends did to me what Robin and Barney did to Ted. But seriously now, how did we live before Facebook and smart phones?So Janet McIntyre is not the mother - but there's no surprise there. After we've been teased that Ted finally meets the Slutty Pumpkin, I can't think of anything else and I'm almost convinced to forgive Katie Holmes for her unfortunate life post Dawson's Creek. Ted went back to being fact-geek and every hater of his pompousness got their revenge with his "you gooder than me no make difference!" And I loved how he could forgive almost anything in a girl except a bad opinion about Annie Hall.Elsewhere, Lily and Marshall decided not to know the sex of their baby beforehand, but Barney's curiosity is not an easy thing to battle. It's hilarious how he constantly tries to convince people against marriage but melts down at the idea of his friends having a baby and even outs together a slideshow presentation about fashion choices for the little ones. 

The "sweet mother of God" joke got old very fast and Kevin is really not all that funny - despite finally snapping at the others for being "the most codependent, incestuous, controlling group of people" he's ever met. That yellow was truly horrific and Lily parading in jeans overalls and high heals while painting the nursery was just ridiculous, but all this couldn't take the fun out of Robin and Barney's internet research or from Robin's "Sweet mother of God! A dog in Ottawa ran all the way to Saskatoon!" and her recollections about her 14th birthday. Gotta love Canada!
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