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Hijab, Makeup and Modernity – What Do They Have in Common?

By Kaye

Hijab, Makeup and Modernity


In today’s world of modernity and sophistication, little chances are
left to women to unjoin the club. Whether you are a hijabi or non-hijabi, you are left into a realm where every dash of color does magic. Colors that unmask and mask beauty, colors that give life to black and white, colors that lure dollars off our accounts. Yes! Welcome to the world of makeup, the world of shimmers, glitters and sparkles.

Makeup, the women’s alter ego, the million dollar industry whose palettes and brushes can transform beauty and had long existed since ancient times is taking a very dear place in a woman’s heart and even a hijabi are not spared from this.

Why not? Why hijabis?


Hijabis are women. Some are ordinary. Some are extra ordinary. They are the women who chose to cover what is needed to be covered as a sign of obedience to their lord Allah. They should not be seen less of a woman. Hijabis are educators, medical practitioners, scientists, fashion designers, business women, name any profession and you’ll find at least one hijabi in it. Hijabis can be mothers or career women who took time taking care of others while taking care of themselves too. They are women of substance. Not that non-hijabis aren’t! Of course every woman are but I’m saying this because hijabis and Muslim women in general are always on the receiving end of malicious perception as being oppressed among women’s population.

Hijabis being regarded as religious women because hijab is seen as a religious object pointing to Islam, also shares other interests just like any ordinary woman. Modernity doesn’t abandon hijabis. Hijabi loves to live. Hijabi loves life as much as other do. She too love adornment. She too love bling-blings. Some are also in the look out of new fashion trends. She too loves shopping. She has also a fashion sense. She too love makeup. She to love colors. She too love fuschia and pink. She love to feel good about herself and a piece of cloth wrapped around her to conceal her tenderness is not an obstruction nor an eyepiece that disables her to see the beauty of the world and everything around her.

Modernity versus Modesty

Hijabi and Makeup

To present herself modestly inside out is what every woman should do that’s why hijab was prescribed to safeguard a woman’s femininity but not to chain and lock her to submit to wrong ideologies.

Women have their choices so does a hijabi. If many women succeeded in their chosen careers, a hijabi can. We have seen many hijabi women who are making names online and in real life. My favorites among them are Yasmin Mogahed, Noor Tagouri, Amenakin of Pearl Daisy, Naima Roberts, Rebecca Minor and Nye Armstrong. These women inspire and motivate other women. These women are all hijabis. Modesty doesn’t grab you the chance to be modernized. Modernity isn’t only about sporting the latest trends but more than that, it is embracing ideas of what women are capable of doing while maintaining modesty inside out.

Hijabi and makeup

The issue of makeup on Muslim women had sparked debate among group of people and while there are differences in opinions among them, it is still best to consult a professional advice from a qualified person if we’re looking for sound proofs and not just fish opinions from Internet. There are proper venues where we can extract opinions from regarding this issue and this blog isn’t one of them. Extra precautions should always be exercised on matters that might compromise our faith.

So to answer the question what does hijab, makeup and modernity have in common? They are all linked to women. The ones that hone children to become the tomorrow’s leaders. The ones that bore you and me. The ones that deserve our love and respect. The ones that lit our homes. Yes, they are sometimes unfathomable. They are sometimes moody. They are simply just women. They are simply just human.

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