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Highlight Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

By Marijonails @marijonails
Hi everyone!!
I have a different type of post to share with you all today.  I recently received two matte lipsticks from Highlight Cosmetics, a beauty line that has matte liquid lipsticks made with NATURAL ingredients such as turmericsea kelpgreen tea and white tea.

Moroccan Spice
Pink nude

Highlight Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick
Highlight Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick
Sandstone Cashmere
Light brown nude

Highlight Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick
Highlight Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick
Both shades applied really well/evenly and dried to a matte finish quickly.  They have a very light feel to them.  It didn't come off easily, even when I ate food.  These are really nice nude shades and they have a variety of pretty shades to choose from.
A little more about the brand:
Highlight was created to be a dual purpose product which not only beautifies the exterior but also the interior. We have created 10 different shades including 5 metallic's of a non transferable water resistant matte long lasting liquid lipstick that will highlight the face with a natural glow, enhance the lips and provide more moisture. These shades will improve complexion and leave a shinier and smoother skin tone behind. Our philosophy is to take care of your inside while the outside is highlighted.Unlike other matte lipsticks, this one contains turmeric, extracts and a peptide. Other ingredients include green and white tea extract, kelp extract and safflower oil. Turmeric has been formulated to prevent the appearance of dry and chapped lips. Safflower oil contains proteins, minerals, vitamins. Our product is great for all skin types because it’s highly soothing to the skin.Lipsticks can be purchased online at  They're available for $25 each.  You can also follow them on Instagram @highlightcosmetics**Products sent for honest review**

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