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Hereditary Eye Issues: Have You Heard About It!

Posted on the 28 December 2016 by Allyson3james


As per an estimate, around 120 million in US alone are the victim of various eye issues and are having treatment for their issues in their eyes. These vision disorders are often termed as refractive errors, which are among the common vision issues in this country. The refractive errors are seen occurring when the curvature of the cornea has issues with its shape causing vision problems. This can also be seen occurring when the eye is either too long or too short. When the cornea loses its normal shape and curvature, it tends to bend or refract light falling over the retina with the required amount of precision. But when the cornea curve is seen with such irregular shapes, the cornea tends to bend with imprecation over the retina this ends up blurring your vision. There are a number of conditions, which can potentially hamper the clarity or the quality of vision. The cause to these eye issues can be many but most of the time it tends to comes out as hereditary as well and some of these are as under:

Hereditary Eye Issues: Have You Heard About It!

Hyperopia and Myopia

These are among the common eye issues that can be genetic. The former is also called farsightedness, which is a condition wherein the patients fails to see the closer objects but can have a clear vision of distant objects. This can occur when the eyeballs tend to become shorter than the normal ones while the cornea is flatter than the normal ones. With age, the ability of lens fail to accommodate that hampers the vision quality bringing out this problem. Now talking about myopia, which is also called as nearsightedness wherein a person can see closer objects clearly while the distant one cannot be seen clearly with this condition. This ailment can occur when the normal eye has normal cornea. With prolonged or frequent work can influence the progression of myopia to a great extent. It can be even in the school kids or people in between 20 to 40 years and with issues like cataract, it can become bad to worse.

Macular Dystrophy

It is relatively a rare kind of eye problem, which have been making headlines for some celebrities getting the same. It is also linked to genetic mutations, which can deteriorate the inner back lining of your eye wherein you can find the light sensitive cells. In this ailment, the macula is seen getting hampered in the macular dystrophy, which also hampers the vision and color perception of the same. With this ailment, the patient fails to get an impact over his central vision causing blindness in many cases.


Unlike the above conditions, Glaucoma is also genetic and can occur with the damage of optic nerves of your eyes. There are different types of glaucoma and the most common one include Chronic Open Angle Glaucoma, which has affected the lives of 3 million of US citizens. In this condition, the fluid in the eye that is used to nurture the ocular structures is drained giving the elevation in eye pressure. This disease comes gradual and remains largely asymptomatic.


Also known as color vision deficiency, which is an ailment wherein the patients fails to perceive the color differences under the usual lighting conditions. This ailment has put its impact to a sizeable amount of population in the US and other parts of the world. The most usual cause to this problem is due to the retinal cones development, which perceives the color in light and thus transmits the info over the optic nerve.

How to treat?

When it comes to treatment about these hereditary eye issues, there are different options from eye glasses to surgery. As far as the issues like myopia and hyperopia are concerned, these can be managed with glasses, however, for permanent solution you can have vision corrective surgeries to get rid of these. For the Macular Dystrophy, you can get rid of the same with gene therapy in association with certain drugs recommended by FDA. The issue of color blindness can never be treated but can be managed using contact lenses. Talking about the glaucoma treatment, one can be fix this issue with medication, surgery, laser surgery and other treatment options depending upon the condition of the patient.


Hereditary Eye Issues: Have You Heard About It!

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