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Here’s to the Past

By The Dating Diaries @The_DatingDiaries


Breakups can literally make you or break you. When you think about it you go into a relationship and in the end you are either going to marry that person or you are going to break up. Thats a warm and fuzzy feeling I know. Breakup suck and they are hard and they hurt, trust me I know I just (and still am) going back and forth with my ex. Yes we are done but we still fight and yell like we are together, why I have no idea! But last night we had a particularly mean yelling match (over text we live in different states) and it got me thinking. I could either lay here and continue to cry over the horrible things that were said or I can make the best out of this.

Ladies we have a bad habit of going into a “hole” when we are dumped and you can sit there all you want and say thats not you but you know at least once you’ve done it. You can get online and literally find 100 of article on the steps of healing, getting through a breakup, how to get over him blah blah blah. You can read that all you want but until YOU decide you want to get over and pull yourself out of the bed, shower and look like a real person none of that shit you read is going to matter. I thought about calling into work this morning after last night but what good does it do for me to lay there and keep reading the messages over and over again. This person and I have been dating on and off for 5 years, they know everything about me and they through everything they could in my face last night. It hurt. But this morning I got up I showered did my hair and makeup and came to the office.

The guys only win when they know they have gotten to you. So ladies put on you favorite pair of heels, throw your shoulders back and hold your head. Yes its still going to hurt but if you’re going to hurt at least look hot doing it (just kidding, kinda). If he tells you he still wants to be friends, honestly tell him no. At the end of the day it is just going to make it harder for you to get over him and he will probably still try to sleep with you. Even if the sex is amazing don’t do it, show him what he is missing by not being at his every beck and call.

Don’t let a break up break you, trust me from personally experience I can tell you its not worth it. Call your girls get a couple bottles of wine and have a girls night, it will do wonders for you! So here’s to the past for making us better, smarter, and stronger women then we were yesterday!

Here’s to the past

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