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Here’s to Being in Our Twenties!

By The Dating Diaries @The_DatingDiaries


My birthday is coming up and I have a fun weekend planned with friends, booze, and good times. As I reflect my last year of great memories,heart breaks, and new cities I look forward to a new age/new me. I challenge myself to truly put myself first. My career, my body, my mentality, and my goals. I see my friends getting engaged or having babies and I’m thinking…I guess they aren’t going on the Vegas trip! In reality I have way to much shit on my check list to check off. Age is just a number but at what age do we stop caring about ourselves? I look at my beautiful mother and she doesn’t acknowledge her birthday and never challenges her self. She is completely content on where she is in her life. I don’t know if I ever want that for myself. “Always stay hungry and never get satisfied.” Those words are the reason why I’ve worked 2 jobs in college, never truly committed to that special guy, and have kept dreaming big dreams.

Ladies our twenty’s are for accomplishing dreams, traveling, spending time with ourselves to figure out who we are! Move to a new city and be a new you! Join a gym and challenge your body, read books that feed your soul! Have faith in yourself and in the decisions you make. You may walk down a dark path but just know there’s a gorgeous man holding a glass of wine at the end of it!

Besides…I’ve got way to many Louis Vuittons to buy and island vacations to go on!


Here’s to being in our twenties!

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