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Her Daddy Ignores Her In The Street

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10063163 Her Daddy Ignores Her In The Street

Well I dont really know where to start so will from when I met my ex Martin, my daughters dad. I was 18 and met him at work, thought he was fantastic with his car and him being older than me. We soon got together and spent every moment together. He would take me out and spend money on me. We decided to move in to together, things weren’t great he had changed but I loved him so put up with his moods, drinking and disappearing for days on end.

He got violent a few times, one time breaking my finger. And I always put up with it because I thought he loved me. He had a daughter with his ex who he hardly ever saw, only interested when he felt like playing daddy. It soon got too much and I asked him to leave, the flat was in my name and I paid for everything even though he worked I never saw a penny of it. He would spend it all in the pub before he came home, so he left.

I cut all ties, had him turn up a few times but I had moved on and after a few months met someone new. He finally got it and left me alone. All was great and we got engaged and started trying for a baby, when after a few months nothing was happening we went to the docs where I was sent for tests and scans to then be told I wouldn’t be able to conceive on my own, this was a massive blow and put a huge strain on our relationship and we split up.

I moved out of my flat to start a fresh I was single and 24 and never been just me so started going out with friends when one night I met Martins boss. I asked how he was and he gave me his phone number, stupidly I text him. We started chatting; he had met someone and had a boy. They had split up and he was back at his mums so we decided to meet up. I told him how I couldn’t have kids and he just held me as id never let it out before, he was like the person I met all those years ago.

We started sleeping together and all those feelings came back, he was my first love and I never stopped loving him. I then found out he was still with his ex, but I couldn’t let him go again and he said he wanted me too.

After a few weeks we were together and she was outta the picture, I was happy. With all this I hadn’t had a period for a few months but didn’t think anything of it they were always irregular. When a friend said do a test I agreed too, so on the Friday after work I did. I sat on the side of the bath and saw 2 lines show straight away, I nearly fell over.

I text him asking him to come round straight away, he rang to ask what was wrong and he knew by my voice it was serious. I told him and he hit the roof, calling me a liar and that id trapped him. I NEVER did. He walked out after a row. He came to see me and told me he was getting back with his ex.

I was devastated; I was carrying his child, one that we had talked about so much in our first 4 years together. He came to the Doctor Appointment and first scan but quickly lost interest. I never saw him again.

Her Daddy Ignores Her In The Street

I text him saying I was having a girl and after that I never heard from him again till my daughter was 3 days old. He wanted to come see his 3 day old daughter at 1am.

He’s seen her twice in her whole life and never stuck to the arrangements to come the next week. I did it alone and scared. He has said so much and done much worse. He walks past us in the street and never stops or looks at her. There are lots more things, but too much to write.

He’s not interested in her and I’m glad as after bringing her up for 2 years alone I met the love of my life. He’s my best friend and soul mate and now he’s our daughter’s daddy, the one she deserves. He loves her so much. It was hard doing it alone but so worth it. Me and my partner are now planning to get married and have a baby of our own, whether it will happen is a waiting game. Things might seem so bad but I stuck it out and now have a beautiful daughter a caring, loving man and couldn’t be happier.


 Her Daddy Ignores Her In The Street

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