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Help Me Pick a Book title…Mother’s Day Ideas

By Kidfreeliving @kidfreeliving

Help Me Name Pineapple #5!

I’m about half way done Pineapple Port Mystery #5, which I’ve been calling Pineapple Beach House in my head, but I’m not sure that’s the best name. This story revolves around a handful of the characters vacationing at a beach house during a huge storm that strands them. (They’re in Corolla, NC, which can only be accessed by beach and the tide rises too high).

I know there is a big sub-genre attraction to “Snowbound in a Cabin” type books, which this fits, so it occurred to me I should call it Pineapple Stormbound or something along those lines.

So once again I ask you for your input! Which do you prefer? 

Pineapple Beach House – Maybe attracts people this summer?
Pineapple Stormbound – They are stuck, and it’s November…

Let me know in the comments below!

PS: I’ll be having a contest for naming something in Pineapple #5 soon!

Help me pick a book title…Mother’s day ideas

Aw, there’s mom and dad. Aren’t they adorable? And cocktailing without ME! Grrr!

Mother’s Day Help?

I’d also love some ideas on what to get my mom for mother’s day. I’ve done the photo collages and the giant tins of Hershey kisses… I’m running out of ideas! Anyone get/give something unique in the past?

I can tell you the authors of “Mother’s Day Idea” articles online have clearly never met my mom or me. Some of their suggestions:

A $300 set of sheets. Sure, sounds awesome if I just won the lottery. 

Flowers/Chocolate: How unique. Really needed an article for that idea. Plus the article I read suggested Godiva and mom HATES Godiva. She’s a Hershey’s gal.

A Card: Wow. I thought the flower/chocolate people were lazy.

Cookware: If I bought my mother cookware she’d bash me in the head with it. Why don’t I get her a mop while I’m at it?

Speakers: Come on. Mom’s already heard all the music she needs to hear. Anyway, Dad would steal them an hour later. That’s the sort of gift he’d get her just to have for himself.

Polaroid Camera: Huh? What, is she, ten years old? That’s what we got our niece last Christmas.

A Fondue Set: In case she’s having serious 70s nostalgia issues? I mean, she loves chocolate but let someone else make the stuff!

Let me know if you have any great ideas!! 


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Help me pick a book title…Mother’s day ideas

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Help me pick a book title…Mother’s day ideas

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Help me pick a book title…Mother’s day ideas

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