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Hello to My Beautiful readers!Do You Guys Know About the ...

By Yssabelles
Hello to my beautiful readers!Do you guys know about the ...
Hello to my beautiful readers!
Do you guys know about the Sunshine Award? Well, I was nominated by Yasmin of “Yasbeyou“! I am very grateful to this gorgeous lady for choosing me to be one of her nominees. This is my 3rd award already, the first one is the Liebster Award (twice for this award) and the second one is the Versatile Blogger Award. I am very thankful to the lovely ladies who nominated me for my previous awards.
For those of you who don’t understand or baffled on how the award was given, the award is not actually an “Award” like Oscar’s award or something. It was given by bloggers to their fellow bloggers who write creative and inspiring blogs. It is also a way to discover new blogs and make new friends. That’s why I am so grateful to those people who appreciated the posts that I've written in the past and found it very inspiring and creative.
The rules are:             1.   Post 11 random facts about yourself             2.   Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you             3.   Nominate 11 beautiful bloggers             4.   Write 11 questions for them             5.   Inform the 11 bloggers that you nominated them for this award

     11   RANDOM Facts About Me
1. I love drinking coffee.2. I love the color yellow.3. I’m an introvert.4. I don’t drink tea. (Even milk teas, boohoo)5. I have 2 younger brothers (Yes, I am the eldest)6. I love the flower daisies.7. I have a huge crush on Derrick Monasterio (A celebrity here in the Phils.)8. My favorite TV shows are How I Met Your Mother and Two Broke Girls.9. I am taking BS Medical Technology.10. I love reading books and writing about my feelings.11. I am a Christian and I love Jesus. J
     11   Questions from Yasmin1. What is your favorite Perfume?- My favorite perfume is the Ralph Lauren: The Big Pony Collection #3. I love how it smells and it can lasts for several hours. So it really is a must have!
2. What is your favorite pet?   - Dogs. Of all the pets that I had in the past, I can say that my pet “shadow” was my favorite. I had him when I was 3 yrs old. I forgot what his breed is but he has brown fur and he is really big. He looks like Hachiko from the movie, only a little resemblance but same body structure. I also had a shitszu named Brownie but we had to give him away because we had a baby in our family at that time.
3.  What is your favorite song?   - My all time favorite song is “Terrified by Katherine McPhee”. I listen to this song when I’m sad, happy, a bit depressed, a bit stressed, basically, all the time and whatever I feel.  Haha I just love this song. So much feels whenever I hear this song.
4.  Your favorite Make up Brand?   - The brand has to be Maybelline. I love all of their products and it suits my skin type really well.
5.  If you could have one wish what would it be?   -  My wish would be, passing the board exams here in the Philippines and abroad. So that I will be able to work as a professional medical technologist if ever I will be given a chance to work in another country.
6.  What is your biggest dream?   - My biggest dream is to visit Paris, specifically the Eiffel Tower. Ever since I was a kid it was my dream to go there and I hope someday after I graduate, I will finally be able to go there with my family.
7.  What is your biggest fear?   - My biggest fear is to be alone. Though I prefer to do things on my own it would be nice to know that someone is there for me and will never leave my side no matter what.
8.  What is your favorite High Street Fashion?                - Hmm. It’s hard to decide on this one. I’ll think about this. 
9.  Heels or Flats?   - Both. It depends on what type of clothes I would wear it with. If it will be on special occasions like debut, wedding or a party and I am going to wear a dress, I would prefer wearing heels. But for casual days like strolling around the mall and I am wearing shirt and jeans, I would wear flats instead.
10.  What is your most love clothing item?   - Sweatshirts or pullovers. I love wearing those things all the time. You will always find me wearing that kind of clothing any type of the day. Plus, it’s cute! :)
11.  What is your favorite piece of jewelry?   - Rings. I love wearing rings, because they are cute. End of story.
My 11 Questions1. Who is your favorite blogger?2. What is your favorite food?3. What is your greatest dream?4. What would you prefer to wear, skirts or jeans?5. What is your beauty must have?6. Who are your best friends? Can you tag them?7. What place do you really want to visit?8. What’s your biggest failure?9. What is your most embarrassing moment?10. Who are your favorite youtubers?11. What kinds of songs do you usually listen to?
My lovely nominees are:1. Bee of Biffsquiggled2. Ana of Ana's Journal3. Katie of Curled Fantasies4. Sabrina of Little Bird5. Stephanie of Allthesethoughtsinonespace6. Catherine of Cattface7. Meghan of Eye Hate Heels8. Kayla of The Princess of Tea9. Frances of Beyond Bally10. Shana of Shana Victoria
That’s it. I hope you enjoyed reading this. I would love to hear from you guys (my nominees) if you decided to take part! Just comment your link down below and I’ll check on it right away. Have a great day, God bless! JHello to my beautiful readers!Do you guys know about the ...

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