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*****hello Kitty Mani****

By Nhorsman11
Hello Ladies,I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far!!I have just got back from school supply shopping. NOT FUN!!Oh well. we are pretty much ready just need a few morelunch food. My 8year old will not eat anything other than:Fries, cheese, yogurt, chips, smiley face fries, fish sticks,chocolate chip muffins. I kid you not. I am not exaggerating.We have thought well he'll get better when he is older, butman, he is worse I think. It sucks, big time.If we force him to eat, he pukes, or he gags to the point of us just giving up and saying fine.I thought as he got older he'd be easier to reason with but apparently not.On to my pretty mani. I got a couple new plates from Beautifulscratchers.*****HELLO KITTY MANI****
*****HELLO KITTY MANI****I used Sephora Natural Environ-Mint, It's Hippo to be Square.I used Konad special black for stamping.I hope you think it is just as cute as I do.Thank you for coming to see me. I hope to see you again!Have a safe and happy weekend!!

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