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Hello? Is Anybody There?

By Parentalparody @parental_parody
You know you're an over-tired parent when.... Hello? Is anybody there?
The other day our home phone kept ringing.
I would pick up, and all I could hear was my own voice echoing....
"Hello....hello?....HELLO!?.....*muttered shed words*....".
This happened four times.
I don't have caller ID, so I had no idea who I was intending to abuse, should it happen again.
Many people would say ignore it, don't pick up, let it go through to the answering machine - but I was in the mood for some ranty yelling, so I was actually quite looking forward to the overseas call center finally getting their shit together and connecting correctly.
At the very same time as all of this was happening, I was on my mobile attempting to call #1Hubby about an urgent and important matter that could not wait until he got home from work that afternoon.
It was of such critical importance that I completely forgot what it was after the first prank call to the home phone.
Only on my fifth attempt to call #1Hubby, completely incensed about the repeated prank calls and ready to vent and rant to him about it....did I realize that I was attempting to call the wrong number under #1Hubby's various contact numbers on my mobile.
I was trying to call him...at home.
That's right, I was phoning myself.
Unwittingly pranking myself.
  Shouting hello to myself, and the faint echo that I could hear was what my mobile phone, in my other hand, was picking up.
Hello? Is anybody there?
Seriously, should I have ever been allowed to procreate?

Hello? Is anybody there?

Totally unrelated to the post, but this image came up when I searched for "phone fail".  Check out the brows, yo!

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