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Hello from Family Cakes New Intern

By Bakerquigs @bakerquigs

Hello Everyone!
My name is Jill Lavoie and I am the new intern at Family Cakes Company! I arrived in London for the first time in early January and since then I have been taking classes and exploring the city.  Back in the States I live and study in Washington D.C. where I am a junior at American University, studying Public Relations. This is my first week in my internship with Family Cakes and I am very excited to be here!
On my first day I arrived a little after 8:00 and the office was already buzzing with activity.  I was greeted by Dan and introduced to the rest of the guys.  No sooner was I settled at my desk that Vincenzo the eccentric italian, was at the door and speaking in fast broken english, I looked around for the boss before realize that me was talking to me!  I could tell right away that I would like the fast paced and friendly environment.
Although this is only my second day have already been able to work on a couple different projects ranging from product pricing, brochure layout, and helped organize a very disorganized Daniel.  Not to mention I've gotten to try some of the goods! Today Vincenzo came in and asked me to pick a cake to bring home.  Being a girl Chocolate is close to my heart so I went with the chocolate mouse.
What is family cakes to me? Is it constantly Dan disappearing (and always just in time for the whole office to come knocking at the door)? Lundy running franticly back and forth from the kitchen?  Is it crazy Italians yelling at one another over icing? Maybe its all of it.  
I expect to help with a bit of everything here at Family Cakes.  I will work to expand on their already existing social media, help with web design for their companion company Cook Sisters, and complete orders.  I also look forward to taking on any other new projects and challenges. I am excited to spend the next two months here at Family Cakes, helping them as they grow!
I’m sure you will be hearing from me again soon but for now I am going to get back to work and dream of that Chocolate Mouse cake I am going to be eating later!

Hello from Family Cakes new intern

Jill Before Chocolate Cake   Jill After Chocolate Cake   

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