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Hello Firmoo!

By Wickedying @wickedying

Hello Firmoo!

Hello Firmoo!

Product review time! Got three awesome spectacles for free via Firmoo’s blogger partnership program. I got 2  pairs of eyeglasses. The third one is free for new customers that register on their site. They are known for their “First Pair Free for New Customers” promo. It’s not too late — you can still avail, go check!


Let Charcoal Monkey show you the specs I got:


Hello Firmoo!

This is an all black full-framed glasses and probably my fave among the bunch. It has a rectangular shape that suits all face shapes. Consider this my top choice when searching for unisex eyeglasses. Buy them HERE.


Hello Firmoo!

This is still an all black frame but slightly smaller/narrower than shown in the latter. This looks too geeky when worn. What do you think? Buy them HERE.


Hello Firmoo!

This last pair has blue tinge frames. The upper part is slightly thicker than the lower part of the specs. It’s unisex too but I do think that this would look better on men than on women. Buy them HERE.

Firmoo has just uploaded its latest collection of designer glasses. You should totally check it out. Although a bit pricey than their usual product, you’d notice that the details are more intricate compared to generic ones they sell.

That’s it for today’s post. Thanks to boyfie for switching roles with me for a day! Haha!


Stay wicked!


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