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Hello Again!

By Vsudarsan

Hello my dearest followers, one and all! It's been a while since I've actively blogged. You must all be wondering what's going on. Well, here's why...

I recently co-authored a book for visual learners and also started a company called EdVisually. For more details on this book and the mission of EdVisually, please follow the link at the end of this writeup.

So what led me to this?
Not many of you may know this, but the thing that is nearest and dearest to my heart is helping those who have learning challenges. My younger daughter, a homeschooler on the autism spectrum, inspired and motivated me to create this book last year.

As I began to grow in understanding of how best to help my child learn about the world around her, my passion as an advocate for children with learning challenges grew as well.

There are many learners out there who absorb their information and knowledge visually and depend primarily on non-textual content filled with real life images, illustrations, diagrams, and so on. While homeschooling my child, I discovered her love for science and the absence of any visually based science curriculum or resource to engage her and expand her knowledge about the world around her. Hence, my journey began to find a solution to this lack. LIFE SCIENCE for Visual Learners is the first of a series of academic books tailored to meet the curriculum needs of all visual learners of all ages and levels in various subjects.

Being a highly visual learner myself, I thrive on what captivates my sight. I enjoy interacting with and learning about the world around me in a very visually appealing way. It is what got me started on this path of interior designing. There are many sensory appealing aspects such as color, texture, space, vivid images, or anything else that is beautiful and pleasing in appearance or draws appreciation, value, understanding, and learning.

My co-author and co-founder, Sarah-Jane Sebeni, and I are happy to introduce our latest passion and project to all of you, my dear and trusted followers. Please visit our website edvisually.com for more information. Our book can also be purchased on Amazon.com.

Hello Again!

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