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Heavy Metal Lovers Beware!

By Golfrefugees

Golf Refugees have been talking to The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) who recently tested synthetic sport shirts. Here is what they advise to all consumers who wear synthetic; (polyester, polyamide) sport shirts;
1.) Always wash your new synthetic sports shirt before wearing. 2.) In case of skin reaction, stop wearing your synthetic shirt 3.) Consumers should be aware that synthetic sport shirts are a source of possible dangerous chemicals for people and the environment. 4.) When playing active sports which induce friction and or sweating it is better to wear a white cotton t-shirt underneath to avoid direct contact with the skin.
You may feel the last point is a bit strong and unnecessary. So why are they saying it? Here is a list of the metals they test for on synthetic sport shirts; nickel, lead, chromium, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, cobalt, copper and mercury
During testing lead, antimony, nickel and chromium were all extracted with a sweat solution to stimulate active wear. The risk here is not to the environment but for the people who wear the shirts. ----------------------------------------------------------

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