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Heather’s Year: From Bypass to Non-Scale Victories!

By Beliteweight @BeLiteWeight

Heather’s Year: From Bypass to Non-Scale Victories!

BeLiteWeight is so grateful to share the success of Heather, who was kind enough to give her experience with us after having bypass surgery one year ago. You are amazing Heather!

There is so much I could say that has happened in a year since my surgery! So much good! If numbers are what you need to hear, my HW was 466, my weight on surgery day was 458 and as of a couple days ago my current weight is 235!! And I feel aaaawwweeesooome! However, it's the non-scale victories that have made me the most happy from day to day. I can now bend over without feeling like my airways are cut off. I can now sit in any adult sized chair without being crammed painfully at my hips. I can comfortably squeeze through passages without having to turn sideways. I can also go to festivals, events without worrying if they will have that rocking teeshirt in my size! One more victory, in my health journey family and friends have also been motivated for taking their own, it's become a team sport. We have my mother planking at 64!

Heather’s Year: From Bypass to Non-Scale Victories!

Hard ships? The surgery doesnt account for my decision making, however it was a valuable tool in relearning food and my body. Now that my weightloss has slowed down due to muscle gain, it's a fine tuning process. I'm always excited for the next challenge. I did my first 5K in April and even though it was soo hard, the whole time I was blown away by my drive and ability to keep moving, keep smiling. My body felt like a powerhouse! Loose skin? Yes, this is a reality, one I expected- does it stop me? No! The way I see it, I will tighten as much as I can, and once I can no longer do so then it's to considering removal surgery. As far as worrying about the opinions of others? We all can get insecure at times, but this isnt even my final form! If a person can not celebrate my body's progress and its resulting look now, then I don't feel they should get access to once I've reached my desired shape! sorry I am a saucy southern gal!

Heather’s Year: From Bypass to Non-Scale Victories!

Thank you everyone at BeLite for your help, encouragement, and just passion for helping others feel this good! Keep on dreaming and hoping and doing what you can, you will get there!!

Thank you so much, Heather! There is nothing better than hearing about your incredible achievement!

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