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Heart-Shaped Boxes

By The Dreams Weaver
As I was making all these little 3D hearts, the Nirvana song “Heart-Shaped Box” just kept coming into my head! While they aren’t technically boxes since they do not open, I went along with the song stuck in my head for the title. The songs probably stuck in your head now too!
These little hearts look complicated to make, but they are really easy. They will be the base of many of my Valentine’s Day projects since they are just so cute.
Heart-Shaped Boxes~ The Dreams Weaver
What you will need:
Colorful cardstock or paper
Glue stick
Sharp edge
Heart-Shaped Boxes~ The Dreams WeaverDownload the template to print your hearts on here
First, cut out the heart template along the solid black lines.
Heart-Shaped Boxes~ The Dreams Weaver
With your ruler and a sharp edge, score along all of the dotted lines. Apply only firm pressure when scoring, as you do not want to cut all the way through the paper.
Fold all scored lines inward (this way the marked up side will be on the inside of the heart and you won’t see any of the guidelines)
Heart-Shaped Boxes~ The Dreams Weaver
Glue one side of the heart to all of the little tabs.
If you’re at this part of humming the song in your head “I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks” you can even hide your own treasure inside the box {like a gift box} to be glued in for the receiver to open.
Heart-Shaped Boxes~ The Dreams Weaver
Glue the other side down, and you are essentially done.
Heart-Shaped Boxes~ The Dreams Weaver
You can make them into conversation hearts by just writing sayings across the front of the heart in colored markers.
Heart-Shaped Boxes~ The Dreams Weaver
Stay tuned for another Valentine’s Day idea made using these hearts!
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