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Healthy Relationship

By Sravanik7 @sravanikonchada

Healthy Relationship:

To build a healthy relationship, it is important to:


A relationship should build on a cornerstone/foundation of respect and appreciation. The fellow member with whom we are just going to start a relationship, we must keep focus on all the considerate things that he/she says and does, like friends considerate enough to leave us alone. We must remember the sweet things that happen with our partner/fellow being and say “Thank you” for even small favor rather than finding/focusing on mistakes our partner/fellow member has made.


Explore each and every good memory, interests in deep with each other. So that they can refresh their ideas, memories and interests of each other, they can have a long list of things to enjoy together.  Try new things together to elaborate mutual interests, and ideas.


Establish a pattern in a way by asking apology if we make a mistake that hurts our fellow member. So that the misunderstanding rose between fellow partners will calm down before it increase.  Saying “sorry” is difficult and hard at that moment, but it shows a long impact towards healing a rift/break in a relationship. Thus our partner will trust us more, if he/she feels that we take responsibility for words and actions for what we does.

By focusing on the above points one can build a healthy relationship.

As relationship grows up:

As relationship grows up changes are quite happen. Change in life is inevitable; we must welcome it as an opportunity to enhance our relationship more fruitful. We must have a check in with each other on changing expectations and goals. If a couple ignore difficult topics for too long, their relationship will get disturbed and drifted away into river of problems due to negligence.

What to do if conflict arises

A relationship can be strengthening if we positively resolve the dissonances that occur among us. It is common that there will be a period of sadness, anger, misunderstandings between fellow members.

Resolving conflict requires honesty, truthfulness, and a willingness to understand our partner’s perspective, also a lot of communication. The following are some course of actions for successful communication and resolving conflicts.

Understand each other:  First of all understand each other. Distribute the problems that occur in their life with each other. Think peacefully how the conflicts are aroused.  Drag a solution by communicating and expressing views of both.  Try to solve problems facing by our fellow being in his/her life with permission.

Establish empathetic environment:

Emotional support involves accepting our partner’s dissimilarities/differences. To resolve conflicts among fellow members emotional support is essential. We must find out the way in which he/she expresses love, affection for us.


A situation occurs where mostly friends or a couple or siblings never completely agree on some issues that takes place among them. Rather than to continue the fights, agree to disagree and deal the situation with compromise to end the issue.  Do the best to keep focus on resolving one concern at a time.


Be a good listener, it requires the following:

a)   Don’t interrupt

b)   Focus on what our fellow member is trying to say and

c)   Must check out what we heard and understood

By doing this the resentment will calm down. After completion of saying by our fellow being he/she will listen to us carefully for our reply in the sense of favor to him/her. We must do the same thing what they expect.

Hence a healthy relationship can be constructed and protected in a fruitful way.


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