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Family Relationship

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Family Relationship

At every stage of life either in happiness or during hard times our relationships and families  are only two things who stick to us till the grave . Learning to manage stress,  understanding our own emotions and behaviors, and  effective communication will help strengthen our own emotional health and also our connections to the important people in our lives.

Family are attached by blood kinship, affinity and fellow feeling.

What constitutes a family?

Parents (wife and husband) and children together and some more fellow members related by blood, like grandparents, in-laws, and relatives like cousin brothers or sisters all together constitute a family.

 Families that exist in this world:

  • Joint-families or extended families:
    • These families are very big, constituting more than four members, building a family tree which starts from root/grandparents and then after their children known as sub parents and then their children and so on. This type of families can be found/seen/encountered in villages only.
  • Nuclear families:
    • Nuclear family or elementary family is a term used to define a family group consisting of a pair of adults (mother and father) and their children. This type of families differs from extended family. Mostly found in those cities which have been adopted western culture, especially western countries.

Importance of Family relations:

Family is the primary/fundamental institution/organisation for the Socialization of children to the norms of their culture. It is the building block which builds up a person(s) personality. Everything, like the way one behave, the way he/she get recognition in society, that happens in one’s life is totally dependent on his/her family life. Actually a child mostly learns from his/her family only. The way the family members deal with him/her has a long impact on personality and career. Keeping this in the mind the importance of family relations /life cannot be taken as with frivolity.

  • Building healthy and strong ties within a family:

Family relations take place as a significant part in one’s life till he/she grew up. The children are very closer to their parents and their siblings compared to any other person in the world. So they learn a lot from their family relations. As the children grow up gradually they find their friends, partner/better half, other relations, and colleagues to share their lives with. While time brings change in the life but the importance of family remains there. Children having a big family containing so many family relations are almost happier than others. Thus the importance of family life cannot be neglected.

  • Life wanting Family:

Life without family is a disaster. We see lot of orphans in our country. Those children suffer and loss a lot because they have no family with them. Family plays a major role in everyone’s life, in the development of a person they become today. The goals set by ourselves in our life are very much dependent on the family life we have with us.

  • Family serving selflessly:

A child who brought up from a rich family and education background will tend to learn more, and they get educated more. Thus the child can dream more and get success easily only because of their family support. The children belonging to film or any other field stars would adopt those qualities and be recognised and get fame in the same way as their parents do have. Similarly children, who belong to a family interested in professional sports, tend to have an interest in sports, plan for their future in the same field and set goals to reach in their life. Thus it is the impact of the family life which guides and makes one to decide what he/she wants to do in his/her profession as an adult.

  • · Family furnishes:
  • Basic strength as a person
  • Culture
  • Personality development
  • Socialization
  • Secured life
  • Confidence
  • Positive attitude and so many

A healthy family provides all these above qualities. But children who come from broken family, generally less confident, have a negative impact on their life, become scared about their life. Those people always expect the worst in their life. Thus family has a lot of importance in every one’s life in shaping him/her as a person.

Family life in today’s world:

 In today’s world the healthy and big families are diluting. Everywhere there are only small families, father, mother and two children. Gradually in these ongoing days broken families are increasing in number. In today’s world the importance of family is considered to be less by the people as it is used to be. In many areas of world the time period for which people live together as a family is shrinking. Family relations also add a sense of responsibility in one’s personality. The person who lacks this quality is due to poor family relations only.

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