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Friendship- It is like a ship where strangers/individuals become friends, travel and have a joyful journey throughout the life.  The starting point of this journey is school where we acquire lot of friends. Definition of Friendship is explained in many ways.

Friendship is a feeling of love, care and mutual affection of one living being for another. This feeling of love must be reciprocated. Otherwise friendship does not happen.

Some people think friendship is a feeling of affection between two like minded persons of similar status. In my view it is wrong and if friendship is possible in that sense only then it will not termed as a real friendship I believe.

It is a commonly said that “A Friend in need is a Friend in deed”.


Every individual have several friends. But best friend(s) would be one or may be a few.  Trust is the plinth or we can say it is the pillar for friendship. Without trust friendship would no longer sustain. How an umbrella protects us from rain, thus a friend cares for the other in every aspect. He will be present whenever we require his/her support or help or we need his advice to take serious decisions in our life. Friend is the only backup with whom we can share anything it may include sheer personal matters. His or her presence will be there in sharing our happiness or sadness. A friend never give-up his support when we need it. He/she gives moral support too. Never expect the same from us. Friendship is very delicate. Friends don’t give a chance for even small differences that may become a cause for destruction of their relation.


True friendship: Some times in our life we may face certain obstacles or we may come into a situation that we cannot make an appropriate decision or we may not have an idea which is correct or which is not. If anyone faces such a type of situation and at that time if he / she follow the advice of a friend without thinking twice it could be termed as just friendship.  In a true friendship faith in him/her is equivalent to the faith in god. A true friend would be like our eyelid that protects our eyes from any time mishap. 

When friendship would take place in our life?

Obviously it takes birth at the time of schooling. Friendship is beyond age, status, greed, color and race. In a true friendship there is no place for ego, pride, jealousy, hatred and miss understanding. It may occur between human being and animals also. In foreign countries we see, people love to adopt animals. They mostly spend lot of time with their pets only. Children make friendship with their pets. They suffer a lot if anything happens to them.


Mostly people make friendship with same age people. Children like to play with their friends of same age, the same as the other aged people also. Friendship may take place between a boy and girl also. It is not wrong until their minds are in control.

Friends the benefactors and beneficiaries:

It is apparent that friendship is tool of moral support. We feel relieved by the side of a friend even in the moments of sorrow. A true friend is an inexpensive, valuable asset for us.  They soften our souls when we are in pain and agony. Friends are soul mates.

When a friend cheats us we suffer a lot of pain. We lose our consciousness for a moment. It takes time to recover from such am embarrassing situation. Again we don’t get such courage to make friendship with another.

So maintaining friendship is not as easy as we think. We must make friendship with true people only. Be cautious while choosing a friend as he/she is going to take part in our life. We should never try to lose good friends as they play significant role in our life. If we really want true friendship we must be true to our friends. We must honor our friendship.

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