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Healthy Nails in 4 Simple Steps!

Posted on the 02 August 2018 by Health_news
Healthy Nails in 4 Simple Steps!

Did you know that a person's first impression is all based on how his/ her nails appear? Yes, it is not just how expensive your attire is or how grandiose your shoes are. Neat and clean nails are a healthy sign of how hygienic you are as a whole. Of course, it seems almost impossible to visit the salon for a manicure every other week. Apart from round-the-clock work schedules, frequent parlor visits take a toll on your wallet as well. Here are 4 ready-to-go regimes that is as easy as pie and doesn't let you go bankrupt.

Let your nails breathe

As much as nail colors glam you up, it is essential that you get them off with a nail polish remover for better breathability. This not only wipes away the coating you have applied but also cleanses the impurities that have been accumulated all week long due to pollution and other external factors. Make sure you use an acetone-free remover to be gentle on your skin.

Exfoliate the dead cells

Before you start scrubbing away the dull skin from your fingers, it is necessary to soak them in soft water for a while. Adding a few drops of apple cider vinegar to the water bowl will ensure the skin and nails become soft, making it easy to chip away the dead cells.

Healthy Nails in 4 Simple Steps!

Once you are done soaking, use a nail trimmer to chop the nails in whichever way you prefer. Then comes the exfoliation where a gentle scrubber will do the magic.

Cleanse thoroughly

Cuticle pushers are available at plenty in market and will come handy when you are running out of time. Use it gently to cleanse the bottom and sides of your nails. Grab a micro fiber towel and give a good wipe to keep your hands clean and dry.

Retain the moisture

Apply a little of sun screen or regular moisturizers to protect the new born skin. Oil is not a good option after manicure; if you are keen on getting the goodness of organic oils, give a massage before you start exfoliating.

You are all set to go now with clean and healthy looking nails. Not only these simple steps ensure the best salon-ready nails but also make sure overall hygiene is taken care of.

Healthy Nails in 4 Simple Steps!
Healthy Nails in 4 Simple Steps!

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