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HEALTH: Face and Neck Exercise

By Emmerey Rose Sarona @EmmereyRose
Healthy living is seen through the way you carry yourself. Eating healthy foods, doing exercise and staying away from toxins. As much as you get your body fit, you also should include with your daily exercise the face and neck firming exercise.
HEALTH: Face and Neck Exercise
I have a chubby face and every time I eat a lot, it gets worse. It is where my fats are located aside from my tummy. lol So as much as I want to loose excess fats on my tummy, I also want to firm my cheek part. How? I searched this simple and easy face exercise that everybody can do and execute easily.
1.Temple Dancer EyesThe eyes are the first area to show signs of fatigue and aging. Constant eyestrain and rubbing contribute to the "tired eye" look. The oribicularis oculi, the muscles around the eyes, are firmed and toned with this exercise. Sit with the spine erect, looking at a point on the horizon. Look to the right, then center, then to the left and finally back to center. Now, reverse the direction and look left, center, right and center. Keep the face relaxed and the head centered during the exercise. Repeat five times.
2.SatchmoThis yoga exercise works the cheeks. It is named for Louis B. Armstrong, the famous trumpet player. Trumpet players usually have firm cheeks because they use these muscles to play the trumpet. Puff out the cheeks with air and transfer this air from cheek to cheek. Keep moving the air back and forth for as long as you can. This firms the cheeks and keeps them strong. This exercise can be done anywhere for quick workout, even in the car while driving; it's yoga exercise developed by Annelise Hagen, author of "The Yoga Face."
3.SmilingIt takes more muscles to smile than frown. Smiling is an exercise that is recommended by the Hawaii Family Dental Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Every time you smile, you are strengthening facial muscles.
4.NeckHere is one from Jack LaLanne's face workout series. Stand or sit with the back straight. Lean the head back and look at the ceiling. Open and close the mouth as though you are chewing on something. Continue this for 15 seconds. Next, put the chin on the chest. Keeping the chin close to the body, move the head to the right, then center, then left and back to center. Repeat this for 15 seconds.
5.Jaw FirmingOpen the mouth slightly, roll the lower lip over the teeth, and press the upper lip against the teeth. Pull the corners of the lips up in a smile and place the index finger on the chin for resistance. Open and close the jaw in a scooping motion using the corners of the mouth, not the jaw hinges. Continue till you feel a slight warming sensation in the muscle. This exercise was developed by Carole Maggio, a licensed esthetician and author of "Facercise."
Easy right?You can do this both in the morning and at night within en estimated time of 15 minutes. Source:

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