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Heading To Antarctica

By Smartgirltravel @SmartGirlTravel

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There is probably no destination on earth that can match Antarctica in term of its uniqueness as a holiday destination. If you asked 100, 200 or even 300 people on the street, how many of them would actually have been to this magical place? The answer is most likely not many at all, and perhaps it is the ultimate bragging right. I think I first heard about the place in an Antarctica school project, but I never thought I would go there and now here is my short guide to all the things that Antarctica has to offer. Read on to find out more.

My experience

You will no doubt be heading to one of the most untouched parts of the planet and for me this meant seeing things that were so stunning and serene. I took a cruise ship from Ushaia in Argentina to Antarctica, this was well worth it and I have countless memories and thousands of photos that will help me to remember everything that I saw there. Honestly this was not a budget travel experience, but I need to say that it was worth every single cent that I paid to get there. I always have the feeling now that my attitude towards holidays will never be the same, as I am always comparing everything to Antarctica.

Follow history

One of the standout features of Antarctica is how isolated and untouched it is and I am very fascinated by the history is Antarctic explorers who risked their lives simply to reach the South Pole first! The conditions they endured and the feeling of isolation is something that I could identify with when I was there. There is no other feeling than thinking about the hardships of Mawson or Shackleton on their respective journeys to the South Pole.



The scenery is as rewarding as the history of the place, you are truly seeing things that only a very lucky few people get to see. It brings me back to the question of how many people you could ask on the street if they have ever been to Antarctica and the answer would be very few, if any. My most favorite memories were the icebergs and their sheer size. It is so funny that people use the expression the tip of the iceberg, because they are so large underneath. Of these people very few have seen a real iceberg, which makes it an ironic phrase to use.

penguin cruise


The wildlife is something to marvel at, particularly with many animals that are living in perhaps the harshest climate on earth. It really makes me wonder how these animals evolved and came to live in such a place. The Emperor penguins for me were definitely a highlight and they are actually the largest species of penguins and don’t ever leave the area! I also got the chance to see seals, blue whales and so many types of birds and it was truly amazing.

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