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Head Knowledge, Or Heart Knowledge?

By Jenrene

Head Knowledge, Or Heart Knowledge?I have collected several messages and having had conversations before God -  and in talking  and sharing within myself and speaking unto Him – I found this conversation on my recorder and I wanted to share it. I believe it shall bless you.

I want to talk about the difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge. I believe one can attempt to be obedient, yet they are not submitted if they continue to you will wrestle and argue and contend with God and others. We contend, just like the Children of Israel did – God’s chosen people who were brought out of bondage and slavery, thought they deserved better and gave complaint about why they thought so as they wandered through the ordeal of getting to the Promised Land. When you think you don’t have to endure things you don’t believe you have to endure, and yet you are going through them, it may be possible you don’t have enough heart knowledge inside, to help sustain you.

Let’s talk about presumptuousness. Presumption looks like arrogance, but it can be subtle at times when it’s silent. Presumptuousness can also be rude and inappropriate. Presumptuousness is described as “unwarrantedly or impertinently bold or forward.” We must be careful when we speak to others or are attempting to get a point across to be mindful of our intention. Is the point to express ourselves bless someone’s heart, or to cause someone to think we are knowledgeable and we have all the answers? Oftentimes this can be a turn off and we can come off as knowing so much, no one wants to listen. Just because we are knowledgeable, doesn’t mean we have to tell everyone, whether they want to hear it or not. We must use discretion. It may not be wise at the time to use the knowledge we have, because the person may not be ready to receive it, or it may not just be the correct timing in which to tell it.

The difference between using your head knowledge and your heart knowledge is that using your head knowledge can get in the way of God’s purpose for your life. I have an awesome testimony to share, but before I do, I want to share the benefits of being intentional about submission.

God wants us to be in a place of willingness and growth and obedience and submission. It’s there we find blessing. As we allow God to mold and shape us  into His character – in being instruments of blessing and we press towards this mark of the high calling I believe finding a truly submitted heart, is possible.  heart knowledge should be what you are reaching for, in your walk with God. So what is the prize of the high calling? I believe it begin in the place where we are continually pressing forward to receive the things of God with humility. When you realize it’s really not about you and there is a prize on every level of blessing in our lives; and that unless we press forward we won’t receive them, then we may be living beneath our standard. The prize in not always external. There are often internal rewards of pressing into God. Your character is the best of what God can really use. Your reputation and your thought life is of what’s great interest to God.

God has so much GOOD He desires to share with us. Deciding to intentionally align ourselves with God helps us to understand where He is and what the good foundation He truly desires to establish our lives upon. Submissiveness is an attitude and always a way of being diligent about how to notice where you fit into God’s plan. Many people talk about how being a “submissive wife” is not something they can do in a marriage, not knowing submissiveness is a spiritual principle that brings spiritual protection over those who choose to participate in the marriage covenant God created. Submission in marriage is an acknowledgement of what is beautiful and actually becoming of a partner in a marriage. The Bible also encourages husbands also to be submissive to their wives. God tells us what helps our relationships, not harms them. In order to stay in the order of God, we must submit to His leading of our relationships in our lives and expect good from God in terms of enhancing those relationships.

There is value in being vulnerable to God. Contnually choosig to be led by Him and to submit unto Him cause us to take approaches that benefits our lives with exceptional wisdom.

Stay tuned for Part II of Head Knowledge or Heart Knowledge? I have a testimony to share.

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