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He’s Finally Coming Home – RIP Now Daniel Morcombe

By Yourfamilysurvivalcoach @shari_brewer

He’s finally coming home – RIP now Daniel Morcombe

What a bittersweet day it must be today for Bruce and Denise Morcombe, of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Their beloved boy, Daniel, is finally coming home. News late yesterday came that the State Coroner has approved the return of his remains to the family for burial, 3280 days after his disappearance and 467 days after their discovery.

It’s an unfathomable length of time.

I remember the day Daniel disappeared, barely 30 mins from my home. I remember so, so many red ribbons on letterboxes, and on some houses they can still be seen tied, but faded and tattered many years later. I remember there was initially much hope and many, many prayers said for his safety and return. I remember being in awe of the strength and gutsy determination shown by the Morcombes and their relentless campaign for Daniel to come back to them. I remember feeling an indescribable knot in my stomach for Bruce, Denise and their other two lads and I certainly remember the fear that Daniel’s disappearance struck in every parent, nationwide. There but for the grace of God, go I.

When hope for Daniel’s safety began to fade and the tragic realisation of his fate was acknowledged, the Morcombes continued their campaign with even greater vigour. They have been active campaigner for child saftey, taking their message wide and far to protect our children, yours and mine, and for this I humbly thank them. During all of this time, in every public moment of every one of their 3280 Daniel-less days they have maintained an almost super-human dignity and composure.

The discovery of Daniel’s resting place, and arrest of the man being trialled for his murder, must be of minimal comfort for the Morcombes. It finishes the uncertainty of their wondering but then it begins the trauma of hearing and seeing details of events that would have to be far worse than any parent’s nightmare. So senseless, so sad and for me, so close to home, literally.

If I were ever given the opportunity to meet the Morcombes, I’m certain I’d be lost for words because “I’m so sorry for your loss” just doesn’t cut it, does it? Nothing can. I’d just be hoping that the biggest hug in the world would convey that parents, Australia wide, thank them: thanks for being role models of grace, dignity and composure that we can all aspire to; and thanks for the tireless work in helping to keep our youngsters safe.

Now that Daniel is coming home, to be farewelled and properly laid to rest by his family and friends, it’s up to us to ensure the child safety message continues to be reinforced. Please be assured, Bruce and Denise, that Australia will never forget Daniel and his big, beautiful blue eyes. We can’t. May you finally rest in peace young man.

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Photo sourced from The Courier Mail

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