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He Put A Steak Knife To My Throat

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10083085 He Put A Steak Knife To My ThroatMy second husband’s father was an alcoholic woman beater and a womanizer just like my father. His mother, he, and his siblings were beat to the point of blood. He ended up just like his father. He also was a user and a bully.

Everyone was afraid of him, so no one warned me at all. I did not know any of this until about 5 weeks after marrying him in Las Vegas. We met on my first vacation in 10 years. He was smooth, look like Clint Eastwood, and had a sexy southern drawl. He was smoking hot, but I found out too late his insides were ugly.

Within a week or so, he was on the road to my home 8 hours away. That should have been a red flag right there how could anyone just pick up moving without any responsibilities or a vehicle. He had a friend drive him. I rented out my home buying a mobile home 3 minutes from the beach where he I met him.

Due to it being a tourist area, I waitressed for the first time in my life. Within a short time, I was one of the top servers. My boss loved me making my husband jealous, but here again as the first one he had no reason to be jealous as I loved him. There was another red flag I ignored.

We married on 5/25. He woke up on 7/3 drunk in a mood taking it out on my daughter and me because she was playing her music too loud, which was untrue. An argument began. I told my daughter to go into her bedroom blasting her music, so she would not witness or hear any abuse. From experience, I just knew what was to come.

He grabbed me by my throat slamming me up against the wall.

ID 10072064 300x199 He Put A Steak Knife To My Throat

He then left taking my one vehicle. I stood there thinking oh no not again. I smashed all our wedding pictures. He came home to me bleeding. He said, “I did not do that to you.” I said, “In a way, yes you did.”

He left again not coming home all night or the next day, which would have been our first 4th of July together. I thought, “Here we go again. Another one just like daddy ruining holidays.”

I laid in bed most of the day with my gun next to my head. I almost pulled the trigger a few times, but my daughter was in her bedroom. Even if she was out of the home, I just kept thinking if I kill myself who is going to take care of her.

I also knew children of parents, who commit suicide, have an increase chance of doing the same.

I just could not do that to her over a man or anything, so I jumped into my other vehicle going to a friend’s home. Then I started drinking, which was a bad idea when someone was doing me wrong as he was. Someone was going to get hurt.

I found him in my Explorer with his ex-girlfriend. My friend was driving my other vehicle as they were coming down the road we were on. She was saying, “Oh my God. OHHHHHHH my God!” I screamed for her to pull over. She told me no. I told her if she didn’ I was going to throw her out of my vehicle, so she pulled over switching sides with me.

Now I was drunk and behind of the wheel full of anger and road rage. Not good at all!

He dropped her off near her home because of her boyfriend. He did not care about me. As she was walking down the road, I floored it going straight for her. Then I heard someone yell, “You’re gonna kill her getting locked up!”

I turned the wheel just in time as she jumped into the bushes. I missed her by inches. She went into her house telling her boyfriend I almost killed her. He told her, “Good, you deserved it!”

Then I went after him. He still did not care having no emotion at all. I could not believe what was happening. We were newlyweds. He would have made an awesome actor as a fill in for Clint.

I later apologized to my daughter for giving her a terrible step-dad. She told me, “Mom, it’s not your fault. He had me fooled also. I thought he was a nice guy too.” But it was my fault.” The red flags were there. I choose to ignore them again.

His ex-wife dropped off their troubled 12 year old son just before we got married, so he was living with us also. He told both my daughter and I, “Everything is peaceful in our home until my dad walks through the door.” A week or so after the first incident on the 4th of July he started a fight just to leave again taking his son picking up his ex again and her friend.

Here they got a hotel room with my husband sleeping with his ex with his son in the next bed sleeping with her friend. They swore nothing happened, but his son had this sneaky smile on his face, so I did not believe it for one second. I think her friend took his son’s virginity, so his father could have sex with his ex because she swallowed.

This time I burnt ALL his belongings in my front yard dropping them off in her driveway with his work boot on top with a huge angler’s knife slammed in the middle of it. They pulled up to it still smoking. I was told by her friend his ex looked at him saying, “I think you met your match this time.” Yeah, so did she.

I was getting my ducks in a row to leave him. I had to give the people 8 hours away notice I was moving back to my home. I had to sell 428085 444455565609529 1105266265 n1 300x300 He Put A Steak Knife To My Throat or rent out the mobile home on the beach. It was awful. My head was spinning. I had to get my daughter out of there. I took her on a road trip to Florida to visit her paternal Aunts.

On the way home, I called him from the Carolina Boarder telling him to take his kid and get out of my home. He had no clue where we were for a week. When I called my friend, she told me he was around his ex.

She told me she said to her, “Do you have a death wish? He is a married man, whose wife almost killed you once.

When she comes home, I am telling her everything because she is my friend. I am going to tell her how you followed her husband around like a little puppy dog as he tried to avoid you.” I know that was an act also.

During the call, I also told him not to touch my other vehicle because it was in my name just like the homes. I also told him everything he destroyed including my daughter’s bedroom better be back to normal when I arrived home. To my surprise it was. When I came home he called me to meet me at the hotel room where he and his son were staying.

I did not want to, but something was dragging me back to him. My daughter was rightfully so mad at me for taking him back. I called the people renting my home telling them everything was okay I was not moving back.

Then I found his ex waiting in a truck of this old man she slept with for money. They were waiting for noon to come on a Sunday to get beer. I pretended I did not see them as I unloaded my groceries in my vehicle. I then drove my vehicle behind the truck blocking them in. I jumped out of my vehicle going after her.

She was screaming to her friend not to open the door. Her friend unlocked the door raising her hands up telling me she did not have a problem with me. I jumped into the truck grabbing her by the throat slamming her up against the old man, who was squashed up against the driver’s side window.

Her friend told me not to hit her as she will have me arrested. Well, she did anyway for grabbing her by the throat. I should have beat the crap out of her because I was charge with assaulting her anyway. I knew she called the police because as I was driving home they had their sirens on going towards the grocery store.

The police officer my daughter was friends with his stepdaughter showed up at my door. He was laughing and he was her cousin. He said what did you do to her calling me by my first name. I said nothing. He said she showed me your print marks on her neck even though I told her I did not see a thing and I was testifying to it.

He told me he had to arrest me because she was pressing charges. My daughter was thankfully out of the home. My husband asked the officer how much bail was telling him he was following him to get me out, which he did.

So we go to court without attorneys. Our case did not come up before lunch break. I seen her driving without a license. I followed them. I ran into a police officer telling him she was at this restaurant driving on a suspended DUI license. He followed me. Here they only pulled in to make it look like they were going there.

As we were pulling in they were in line to pull out of the parking lot. I pointed right at her next to me telling the officer there she is with her father, who was allowing her to drive illegally. They both were hugely fined.

So I went back to court before they did. They came in fuming. I was laughing. Our case came up and we both spoke. I told the judge how she would come by my home in her witness’s vehicle with tinted windows beeping the horn with my husband and I having two children in the home. It got really heated.

The judge gave me unsupervised probation for a year. He told her to leave first get out of here as quickly as possible. He told me to stay put for a few minutes until he felt she was gone. He knew she was messing with the wrong one. After that she got another DUI, busted for drugs twice, and ended up in jail for 2 years. I love KARMA!

His son got into trouble when he was at his mother’s for the weekend an hour away. I was called by the school being told he was being ID 10012561 300x198 He Put A Steak Knife To My Throatcharged with 2 felonies. When I went to pick his father up at work, I told my daughter to go into her music putting her headphones on to drown out what was going to do down. I knew it was going to be bad.

I should have taken her to a friend’s home getting her out of the house. His father sat him down telling him not to lie to him or else he was getting a beating. Well, he lied. His father told him to get in our bedroom.

He grabbed a knife going outside cutting a bamboo switch bending him over his knees beating his butt with it leaving marks.

The next day his son went to the school asking to speak to Children Services telling them everything. They spoke to my daughter, who told them he deserved it, telling them to look at the trouble he was in maybe the beating would make him learn. I was shocked when she told me this and scared they were going to take my daughter away.

They asked if he ever touched her. She told them he knew better than to touch her because he knew what I would do to him. By the end of the day, he was back living with his mother. Thankfully, they never said anything about my daughter I think because I snapped on them for talking to my child without my permission or presence.

His mother was not a happy camper because she did not want him. I was a short-lived happy camper. His son knew how to use all of us against each other. She also knew what she was doing dropping him off trying to break us up because she was jealous. The poor kid just got out of a 2 years jail sentence for stealing out of vacation homes and where his mother worked, but is now back in for getting with heroin.

Please say a prayer for him as he is a good kid. He is just troubled because of his parents. I know I have no room to talk.

Things got worse because he blamed me for his son being taken away. I did not beat him. He did. How is that my fault? One night he did not come home from work until 1am. I knew it was going to be bad, so I got my daughter out of the house. He came in with a case of beer throwing it in front of me saying his son hated me.

I told him the feelings were mutual. He then spit in my face. I spit back. He then cracked me in the face. I cracked him back. I then picked up a stool throwing it at him knocking him on the couch. I ran out of our home knowing I was in for some big trouble. I went to the neighbors, who told me I had to make a choice to stay putting up with this life or leave.

They were right. They told me I had to leave because they were afraid of him.

Here he called the police on me as he did a few times after he hit me. I was hiding from behind a tree. When they arrived, I came out saying, “Good, I am glad he called you again. He spit in my face, he hit me, and I defended myself. That is when the SOB came out of the house with blood running down his far head.

I know he did that to himself. They put me under arrest for domestic assault. I told them he knew not to leave any bruises telling them to feel the lumps on the back of my head he put there by punching me there.

They refused. They cuffed me throwing me in the back of the police vehicle. He told them not to take me as it was just a little fight between a wife and husband everything will be okay. They did not listen to him. I was fuming at all of them.

I asked the officer for my shoes and my purse. He only gave me my shoes. Then he drove me an hour to jail. When the guards found out who I was charge with assaulting they laughed so hard.

I did not find any humor in it. They asked me if I really beat him up because they knew of him as he was in jail a few times. I said I gave ID 100105046 199x300 He Put A Steak Knife To My Throathim a good run for his money.

Then they really laughed telling me it was the best thing they heard in months. I said yeah, but look where I ended up. They stripped me naked spraying me with a hose. I felt so humiliated.

The next day was court day. I was the only inmate. They had me shackled in a bright orange prison suit. I was fuming. When they opened the courtroom doors, the room was packed. All eyes were on me. The inmates go first, so the judge told me since I did not have a prior record I was being released on the condition that I did not beat up my husband again mentioning his name.

Everyone in the courtroom fell out laughing probably because most of them knew him and here was little ole me beating him up. The judge slammed down his gavel telling them to get in order.

The one officer where my daughter spent the night came up to me asking me what happened. I did not even know he was there. I told him you know what happened as you all have been dealing with him doing this to women for many years. Then I asked him if my daughter could stay with him and his wife until I got things in order to leave him. He told me to take my time she would be fine. I thank him holding back the tears.

A prior incident to this, he hit me so hard he knocked the diamond out of the post of my earring. I still have the scar below my right eyebrow that does not grow any hair to remind me of him every time I look in the mirror.

So I called home to see if my daughter was there. He answered. I asked him for my daughter. He told me she was still at the officer’s home with his step-daughter. I said good. He said I am on my way to pick you up. I said I will walk the 60 miles before I get in a vehicle with you. He told me to F off. I hung up.

The guards wished me good luck as I left hitch hiking it, but told me with the outfit I had one I would not have any problems getting a ride. It took me 3 rides to get home. One truck driver offered to drive me to my home beating the crap out of him. I told him no you do not understand he is deadly. You may thing you are bad and I am not saying you are not, but he is one bad motherf’er.

I walked into our home to find the back curtains opened to see the entire neighborhood partying outside my back door playing horseshoes. I kicked opened the back door jumping on the porch telling them the inmate has been release to get the hell out of my yard. Everyone scattered except him. He looked at me saying who cares.

I called the police. The office asked me if I knew who I was dealing with. I said I was finding out. He told me my husband is the master of domestic violence telling me he will call the police on me over and over again getting me locked up again. I told him that he met his match as I was the queen of domestic violence.

He gave me the number of a domestic violence shelter. He then told me to be careful that he was going to kill someone one day and he did not want it to be me. I told him it was not going to be me.

So I went to the shelter getting a PFA on him, but the police were so scared of him also they never served him. It’s not like they could not find him and he had no clue about the PFA. I left the shelter going home. I was packing a few things when he showed up with his boss, who allowed him to drink on the job.

I hid in the closest. His boss left. He kept coming into the bedroom looking out the window looking for me, but here I was in the closest behind him. I could not stand the pain in my back or hips anymore staying in that closet, so as he was watching TV I ran out of the bedroom yelling, “BOO!” He jumped.

I laughed saying, “HAHA! I scared you.” He said yes you did. He then said please come over here to hug me and give me a kiss. He just knew how to get to me with that drawl, Clint look, and words.

The next morning the PFA woman called me asking me why I was not in court. I told them the police never served him because they are afraid of him also. I told her what happened saying we made up, but if they would have served him it would not have happened that way.

She was really upset asking me how did I know the police were afraid of him. I told them when I called them twice on him for beating on me they told me they had to wait for back up to deal with him. Then they showed up both times with four police vehicles. I told her one officer told me once he had to arrest him and it took for him to get him in a ditch putting the gun to his head telling him if he kept resisting he was going to shoot him.

She said she was going to deal with this, but I never heard from her.

He had me call for help for his alcoholism. They told us he had to come in and detox. He told me he was going to do it himself and he ID 100112495 300x199 He Put A Steak Knife To My Throatdid. I was so proud of him because alcohol was our problem as that was the only time he beat on me or even fought verbally with me. Then he went back to work with his boss.

He came home one day telling me he liked to drink, he was sorry, but that is the way it is. I told him I was not putting my daughter or myself through this anymore. The next day he never came home for dinner as he knew I was making lasagna.

I found him on the beach drinking with his friends at a bonfire.

I just looked at him in disgust walking away. He was yelling to me saying, “Baby, come back and have a beer with us.” I just kept on walking away.

I started getting my ducks in a row to leave for good this time. I did not have the mobile home rented out, but I had the people out of my other home to move back into. His friends helped me pack the moving van telling me to never look back saying I deserved better. So now they are not cowards as they were in the beginning not warning me about him. I probably would not have listened anyway.

He would call me telling me he was ready to be a good husband. I told him I was no longer a good wife. I allowed him back after his many beggings. My daughter rightfully so punched a hole through her bedroom wall.  He ended up hitting me drunk as usual. I told him he was on my turf now he was going to jail.

I called the police. He sat on the couch cool, calm, and collective smoking a cigarette as if nothing happened. You know…Clint style. When the police arrived, they seen me flipping not him. I then grabbed the one officer’s hand telling him to feel the bumps on the back of my head telling him he knows not to leave any marks when he punches me.

He said, “Wow, they are huge!” Then I showed them his handprints on my arms. I showed him during the fight he ripped the medicine cabinet off the wall that is how strong he is. He said I did it. They did not believe him. They then arrested him throwing him in jail.

The jail was so crowded he had to sleep on a mat on the floor. He was calling my one friend to bail him out. My friend kept calling me at work asking me what to do. I said first of all do not ever take him out drinking ever again. Second, let him stay there a week. So after a week he bailed him out.

He could not apologize to me enough saying he was done with drinking that he loved me so much. Yeah, that lasted a week with me throwing him out again. No wonder my daughter is messed up.  No wonder I am messed up because I seen my mother do the same thing over and over again.

He was out of our lives and we were all set up to both attend college having put my home up for sale. I just signed the sales agreement. At almost 17, my daughter planned her pregnancy knowing what our plan was. She should have been the last pregnant teenage kid on earth from what I taught her and the protection I got her.

Then he called, so I went to visit him. When I came home my now 17 year old daughter asked if I was with him. I said yes. She called me a f’ing dumb bitch as she went to school. Now wait who’s the dumb one here? You got pregnant on purpose selfishly choosing that over us both going to college knowing our home was up for sale.

Then he abandoned you making another baby with another 17 year old. Now you are disrespecting the one you have no idea made the decision to stand by you when she did not have to because she got you all the protection to avoid pregnancy.

So I told her she just made the biggest mistake of her life she will find out very soon about. It was settlement day and I was going to back out taking thousands of dollars in liens against the equity in my home for my daughter and unborn granddaughter. She did not know a few things.

One being weeks earlier I told my realtor I had to back out for my girls. She said that was going to be a problem because I signed the sales contract. She called the buyers’ realtor. She called me back telling me she threatened to get us thrown out of the house that the sale was going through.

I told my realtor there was no judge, who was going to through a single mother out of her home she bought without child support, who was also backing out because of her pregnant teenage daughter. She told me yeah, but he could make you pay for all the costs including the commission costs with you ending up owing almost $20K.

The other being she had no idea what settlement meant, so I did not explain it to her because of the way she disrespected me not ID 100112647 300x199 He Put A Steak Knife To My Throatknowing I was getting ready to do for her and her baby until she called me those foul names. I decided on the way home he did not change, so I was staying put.
So I went to settlement. I did not take a shower or nothing. I went in sweats, my hair a mess, and no makeup. This was not like me. I looked and felt horrible. Their realtor was oh so nice to me. I wanted to smash her head into the floor. She made cookies for us all. She asked me if I wanted one.

I told my realtor to tell her not to speak to me or else I was going to lay the beating of her life on her body. She laughed it off. I told her I was serious, as I did not want to do this. I almost walked out, but I signed the papers with them giving me to the end of the week to get out of my 4 story home fully furnished with all antiques.

I left I tears. I did not want to leave my pregnant daughter. I did not want to go back to my abusive husband. I did not know where my life, my child’s, or my granddaughter’s life was going, but something told me to sign those damn papers and get out the hell out of that home and town. Something was also telling me to get the hell away from my disrespectful selfish daughter.

When my daughter came home from school, I told her she had until the end of the week to find a place to live. She was in shock. I told her she should have never spoke to me the way she did because now she had to act like the pregnant adult she wanted to be. Do you know she expected me to pack up all her belongings?

I told her this is tough love, honey, welcome to motherhood it’s a really f’ing joy. I hope your child does not treat you like you have been me all these years. I then broke down giving her the choice to move to Vegas with me saying the same school we were going to attend is in every state explaining fashion design and home interior design is the best place to be in Vegas.

She told me she was not leaving her friends. I told her she was making the worse mistake of her life, but she was still following her friends as always just like getting pregnant like them.

I set up a bank account for her putting $500 in it for her. I also transferred her child support check we got from the VA due to her father being disabled. I moved back with my husband, which only lasted 3 months. I spoke to my daughter at least three times a week.

Whenever she needed money, I sent it to her as the father of my granddaughter refused to give her any. She stayed with my “friend” for a month, who was trying to suck money out of my daughter.

She then found a roommate sharing an apartment with. I decorated my granddaughter’s bedroom just before her birth driving back and forth 8 hours as that was what I was going to school for, home interior decorating. This really made my husband mad. I told him I had to be there for my daughter. He did not understand because he did not care about his two sons.

At first, I was going to go to Vegas alone but I did not want to be so far from my pregnant daughter. I left him due to two horrific beatings. I feel it was meant to be because someone had to watch my granddaughter, so my daughter could graduate from high school.

This is one of the beatings I endured during the reconciliation with my husband. It was his 40th birthday. We along with a friend went to another friend’s home, which turned out to be a day of partying. When it was dark, we all drove an hour back to our home. Earlier that morning he went to the liquor store purchasing three bottles.One was tequila.

Then they realized they were out of beer, so he and his two friends went to the store in order to purchase more because 3 bottles of liquor was not enough for them at 10 pm. It was a 15-minute drive. I know a lot can happen in 15 minutes. I asked him nicely not to go to the bar because it was my vehicle.

Out of spite, the bar they all went. It was about an hour drive on a Friday night. He was out driving drunk on a revoked license. Neither one of his two friends had a license due to DUI’s. It did not matter what I said they were going no matter what.

In North Carolina if he was pulled over driving under the influence on a revoked license, they impound the vehicle no matter whose it was selling it. They then give the proceeds to the school districts.

So here I am alone and drunk with an entire bottle of tequila staring at me. I was fine for the first hour. I called and talked to a friend the entire time drinking shots of tequila. She said she counted about 10 shot that I took while on the phone with her.

You could only imagine my state of mind. Then I called his niece. Another hour went by. Now I was hot as a hornet. How dare he disrespect me by leaving me home alone and sneaking to the bar putting my vehicle at risk. Later I would argue what if I wound have done what he did to him.

He, of course, lied saying if I left with my friends on my birthday to go to a bar, he would not of been upset being left behind. That is pure bull! He knew it, but he had to use reverse psychology.

All I remember is kicking open the screen door, which resulted in me cutting the bottom of my foot on the metal. I threw about $80 of rib eye steaks, at only $2.99 per pound, out in the front yard along with a five foot wooden lighthouse he bought me a few Christmas’s ago he paid for with my credit card.

Then I threw out all the food I made for his birthday party we had planned with his family the next day. I was surely in and out of black outs.

They finally came home after 1am to find these items in the yard. He came in the house yelling, “Where is she!” He was smashing everything in sight.

He kicked a hole in a wall throwing the remote into the wall not to mention all of my things he smashed from turning over the refrigerator to smashing windows which I glazed in myself, to mirrors, my computer, and antique furniture. There were too many things he destroyed. The list is too long. I was hiding in the dining room. The cats were running scared to the sound of glass smashing.

I could not leave as they left me in the middle of nowhere with no vehicle. I was not thinking because of the alcohol or else I would have called a cab for a ride to the bar probably finding him with another woman. I was unable to think. I wished I just would have left getting a room for the night leaving him to wonder where I was, but I guess it just was not meant to turn out that way. Like he would have cared anyway.

He said, “I’ll get her. Where’s that lil bitch of a cat of hers!” As he was looking for my favorite cat to hurt her because he was screaming that was the only way to really get to me. He said he could beat the shit out of me, but killing the cat would hurt me in a way no beating could ever. I immediately came out of hiding yelling to my cat to hide telling him if he better not touch her.

That is when he ran at me punching me in the face on my cheek with a closed fist. I have no idea how he did not break my cheekbone. I guess I have my brother to thank for that for punching me in the face all my childhood making my facial bones strong. It was a little bruised, but not enough to show up on a camera.

Then he threw me to the floor. He put a steak knife to my throat telling me if I ever touch his shit again he would slice my throat, but I bought everything I threw out with the money from selling my home. I somehow got onto the bed. He was pulling on me to get me back onto the floor. I held onto the bedpost with all my might.

He could not get me off the bed, so he got the knife again saying he was going to cut my diamond rings off my finger. He said they would pay for the steaks. Yeah, that I paid for. I also paid the rings off with my 401K.

I held on so hard putting up such a fight, he said that it was either the rings or my finger that he was going to cut off telling me I had my choice. I chose my finger holding it up saying, “Go ahead! Cut them off. I wonder how much time you will get in prison for one finger, which I am willing to lose to find out.” He said, You fucking cocky tough bitch!” I said, “Answer me! How much time do you think you would get for one finger?”

Then he threatened to knock my teeth out. Now that would be a huge issue I was not willing to lose no matter how much time he got. He threw me on the floor, but I got my two index fingers at the side of his mouth stretching his lips as much as I could telling him if he did not leave me up I would rip his lips apart, so he let me up. His mouth was all bruised up the next day.

He then threw a can of soda at me running to me punching me in the face again with a closed fist like I was a man. I ran out of the house when he tackled me to the ground and kicked me over and over again. I kept getting up swinging, but he kept pushing me down. I am 5’4: and he is 6’2”.

A few days later I took pictures of my bruises with my camera, which I still have. I started counting the bruises, but lost count after fifteen. The real obvious purple bruises located on my back were imprints from his sneakers. After a few days they were still quite purple, so you could only imagine how they looked fresh.

His nephew was in my vehicle watching the entire thing doing nothing, but watching. I guess it was good he did stop me from getting into the car because the only thing I had on my mind was this is the end of my life.

I was tired of my life being one big fight. My intentions were to run out of the house, get into my car, drive away, and carbon monoxide myself to death. In my drunken mind, I was just flat out done with life. This was the first time I was not thinking of my daughter or unborn granddaughter. So in some kind of sick way he saved my life by kicking the crap out of my body.

I do not remember going to sleep, but I woke up in the spare bedroom. When I got up, I was dizzy almost falling. I had a concussion. He was sleeping on the couch. When he woke up, he was calm and regretful. He started cleaning up and burning all the smashed once beautiful furniture. I could tell it was nothing to him.

I somehow thought it was my fault by starting it. But he was the one who started it by leaving me at home alone with a bottle of tequila purposely going against my wishes driving to the bar drinking and driving disrespecting me  in front of his friends. He knew what he was doing.

So 8 years later he somehow gets my home number. That was last September. He told me he was looking for me for year that I was a hard person to find. He told me he found my one number, but a man answered. He asked for me, but he hung up on him. That would have been my ex-boyfriend because he mentioned the town I was living in and it’s an odd name, so I knew he was telling the truth. He said he found out the grass was not greener on the other side.

He said the one he was with was Bipolar waking up in a foul mood every morning turning the house upside down. I asked, “Are you sure you are not speaking about yourself?” He said, “You know me. I am a morning person.” I said, “Yeah, as long as you wake up to a beer.” He said when I was mad at him I had a good reason, but she does not.

Sure and my name is stupid. He said he wanted to see me not to move in with me, but to fuck me. Oh now wait a minute I thought you just said the grass was not greener on the other side. So I told him I wanted to fuck him also agreeing to meet him and boy did I ever have a plan to fuck him all right.

I was hoping he still did not look like Clint Eastwood, but he did. It didn’t matter because I had to put my plan into action. So I stayed with him from Sunday to Thursday.

I took a receipt as proof I was with him to tell his girlfriend about. Then the last night they post-dated his check, so he could not cash it to take me out to dinner as he planned. I seen the check, so I know he was telling the truth. He told me to be quiet as he called his girlfriend to put money in his bank account.

When he hung up he said, “If she only knew I was spending her $100 on you.” I thought, “You SOB. I wonder how many times you did this to me!” He bought prime rib for us and all the fixings to go with it. The next morning he gave me his card to fill up my gas tank to get me home and coffee for the both of us.

I did not keep that receipt as he asked for it. He gave me a big hug and kiss goodbye telling me he was going to get things in order for us to be together. I laughed all the way home for 3 hours.

When I got home, I could not email his girlfriend as she had that blocked on her FB so I emailed her twin sister. She did not tell her probably because she was afraid he would beat her turning everything on her as he is good at. Then I emailed her sister again telling her to tell her sister to get a grip on her boyfriend to make him stop calling me. The sister forwarded my email to her sister. She emailed me to call her, so I did.

We talk for about two hours. I gave her the last 4 digits of his card # and his pin # from the receipt I had. I told her about her putting the $100 in her account and what he did with it. She asked me what was the hotel’s name. I said does it really matter how would I know all this other stuff if I was not with him.

I gave her the info she wanted including the way into the hotel because the highway was under construction. I asked her if she confronted him with this yet. She said yes, but he denied everything. I said, “Don’t you know by now men are born with that word in their heads..deny…deny…deny?”

I said so he is calling me a liar. She said yes, but she believes me because of having his card and pin #’s. Then she asked me to mail the receipt to her giving me her address. I gave her my cell number, so she could show him he called me over and over again once she got the bill.

Then a few days later she wrote on Facebook, “My baby is in NJ working.” I wrote to her sister to tell her that I was not wasting my money on a stamp to send that receipt because it’s obvious she is blind as I was saying I just hope he does not really hurt her or her daughter one day. I was told she once had a broken leg and everyone thinks he did it. I said he probably did because I know what he is capable of.

Then I texted him asking him how did he like me now. Then I thanked him for showing me how to play the game and giving me the best ending of the chapter of him in my Autobiography.

This inspirational post was written anonymously. I have full permission to share the story and it is true to the best of my knowledge. If you can relate to this post and would like to share your own anonymous story please Contact Me

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