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He Killed Our Baby; Beaten For Over An Hour & Raped

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

January 2008 – I was 18 years old, I started a new college and made new friends. I might this “amazing” man through one of this girls at college, left all my old friends behind and moved up to be closer to him. Things started off great, he was lovely sweet and kind, he ID 10076039 He Killed Our Baby; Beaten For Over An Hour & Raped had me hook line and sinker for day one. Things slowly began to fade out fast though.

He had me giving him blow jobs whilst he played on his play station, when I refused he would beat me whilst his mother was upstairs. I took him to meet my parents though all of this was going on, never once did he tell me he loved me.

I have no idea why I stayed something made me, he took ladies into our room and had me listen to him having sex with them or watch he made me have sex with his friends, even make their breakfast and clean the bedding.

May 2008 – I received a call to tell me my grandfather had passed away…I left him for two weeks whilst I went to see my family in another country, whilst I was away I had a car crash where I found I was pregnant 18 weeks I was so scared. I didn’t tell my family as I didn’t know how they would respond to me being pregnant

Id cut them out of my life visiting them twice in since I’d been with him…I returned “home”

It was the coldest welcome I received, his sister who I am still close to pulled me one side and told me what he’d been up too, what he had been bragging about, what he did too other girls and what he did too me.

Once again I pushed it too one side and carried on with my duties. not knowing when to drop the bomb shell. After a full day of being stuck in the house with him on his Playstation, then a full night of him bringing a another girl home. Id had enough.

He came down that morning put his Playstation on so I asked him to switch it off, he said no so I switched it off at the wall knowing this would make him anger as I had done it before.

He stood up and pounced towards me, he started punching me in the face

I tried to scream, nothing would come out

His brother and mother walked in and walked past like nothing was going on

I managed to get away that’s when I shouted I”’m pregnant please stop it please stop beating me. I had already had a car crash, I’m meant to be taking it easy”.

He looked shocked and told me it was impossible as he always flug up after having sex with me too make sure it fell out, for a week things were great. I went for scans as I was getting the courage to tell my parents.

Then one day he went out with his brother and didn’t come home till two in the morning. I heard him crashing through the doors and two girls in fits of giggles, I had reverted back to the old me, I moved into the bathroom quickly and let him take them upstairs as I slept on the couch.

Several hours later I heard those girls sneak out and I went and woke him. I got physically for once, I threw shoes and all sorts at him, he stood up and he was purple with rage.

He pushed, punched and smacked me out of the room and then finally he kicked me down the stairs.

The beating carried on for an hour and half till his sister came home and found him on top of me raping me from behind. She pulled him off me whilst her partner picked me up and dragged me out the street. It was like something from horror scene.

I woke up in hospital, he killed my baby

Still do this day I can’t forget the emptiness feeling that I had, this was the end of July 2008. I moved back to my home town and stayed away for a whole month, then I crept back, I wanted to feel the void. On a night out I was with my best friend, my ex boyfriend turned up feeling lonely, I went back to him for a few days I texted my friend letting her know where I was and Id be home by the Tuesday, she fell out with me.

I don’t know why because it was like I had never left the next day he beat me raped me and had other men attack. Monday night I received a call from my best friend “Lisa”.  I took the phone upstairs and started to say “I’m sorry I don’t know why I came back can you come and get me”, on end of the phone it was her boyfriend telling me she had passed away.

I screamed so loud and told him I would be half an hour, I packed my stuff and left

To this day I haven’t seen that “man” again

It took me too lose so many people too realize he was wrong, vile and horrid.

I have a new partner and two children now.  I still suffer with nightmares, I can’t be alone in the dark, and I can’t be around anyone who smells like cider. We drove through his town and past his old house not long after my eldest was born with my in-laws. I had a panic attack.

Please anyone who is in abusive relationship mental or physical leave now…before if cost you your loved ones or yourself

This inspirational post was written anonymously by a mom who is either a member of my Facebook mums group, a Twitter follower or has been submitted to me via email. I have full permission to share her story. If you can relate to this post and would like to share your own anonymous post please contact me. You could help us share the blogs love to helping others by sharing via the social sharing buttons.

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