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HBO’s Inside True Blood: 2nd Fan Question Answered

Posted on the 06 May 2011 by Truebloodnetcom @truebloodnet

True BloodHBO’s Inside True Blood blog has answered fan question number 2. The question was a long one, but a particularly good one:

Are scenes from more than one episode involving the same character shot on the same day? (Am thinking mostly about where some actors/actresses bulk up or down and how that is managed if scenes from episode 1 and 9 are shot the same day early on, and then other scenes from the same are shot a month or two later)

To which Sobol gave a fairly short answer: “It depends.”

She was quick to elaborate though. Basically, with each season, only a couple of scripts are released at once. So while they may be able to combine scenes for episode 1 and 2, it is impossible to shoot episodes 1 and 4.

Also, it depends on factors such as time sensitive or secret locations. She used the latter as an example:

“For instance, the SUPER SECRET PLACE we are at for the end of episode 9, that goes into episode 10, is location sensitive. So we will shoot that all in the same week. If a location is particularly expensive or sensitive, we will cram it all into a day, or as few days as possible.”

Other things can also contribute to when a scene is shot, and whether it needs to be shot alongside other scenes or episodes. These factors can include: high maintenance episodes, continuity of space, time of day, the gore factor, as well as any elements of surprise that may crop up.

Source: HBO Inside True Blood – Second Fan Question Answered…

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