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Hazardous Chemicals in Sportswear

By Golfrefugees

Why sportswear?
There is currently no hazardous chemical information provided to consumers.
Modern sportswear is designed to interact with your sweating skin, keeping you feeling dry and fresh, easy to care for and brightly coloured.
How is this achieved?
Eleven chemical groups used in textiles have been identified from documents supplied by leading apparel brands and chemical suppliers.
The ChemSec Sin list database has been used to identify hazardous chemicals from these groups to obtain substance classification.
Carcinogenic (cancer causing), Mutagenic or toxic to Reproduction - CMR
Heavy metals (cadmium, lead, mercury, chromium (VI)) Organotin compounds Phthalates Perfluorinated compounds Halogenated solvents Polyaromatics Aromatic amines
Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxics - PBT
Heavy Metals (cadmium, lead, mercury, chromium (VI)) Organotin compounds Perfluorinated compounds Chlorobenzenes Polyhalogenated alkanes Alkylphenols
Endocrine (hormone) Disruptor Chemicals - EDC
Organotin compounds Polyhalogenated aromatics Alkylphenols
If you wish to find out more about the toxic chemicals used in textiles, that you and your children wear directly next to your skin. You can browse the named chemical groups in textiles listed above and contact your sportswear brand.
Written by Golf Refugees 2015.

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