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Having Fun in Blogging and Social Media

By Singcolinquisitor @lexuzinquisitor
Having Fun in Blogging and Social Media Every blogger, I presume has his/her own criteria of fun, because the word “fun” or the feeling of “fun” and its meaning is very relative to each of us. A thing or an experience might be fun for me, but not for the other bloggers. As a travel blogger, zip-lining is such a fun adventure for me, but for food bloggers it could be so boring, though at times we might like the same thing, because even though, I travel, I also eat so as the food bloggers. Another is that everyone of us are motivated by different stimuli. Some by passion and love, some by needs, some by money, some by their  vested self interest and fantasies. Bloggers in the blogosphere are diverse, but the fact that we are all bloggers, we tend to come into terms and meet halfway behind our blogs and together we create experience by working hand in hand in projects given to us, also by diverse clients.
The fun of creating experience and telling stories---My Stories. Before becoming a travel blogger I was once first a traveler. As a traveler, I always have the chance of witnessing beautiful places and accommodation that is worth remembering as much as glorifying. One day, I realized that it’s too sad when the good things, places, experience, and the accommodations that I had, ends there at the back of my mind. So, I learn and discover blogging! As blogger, I wrote and tell every story that I had experience, because I want my readers to feel the fun and excitement that I am feeling during my travels. I considered it as a responsibility to share the truth about a particular destination that I’ve been to. I do present my article in the most simple and natural way, the way how I tell an experience to my family, when I get home every time I arrived from travelling. Some might find it lousy, but it’s 100% natural and most importantly not sugarcoated.
Meeting new people and making new friends through networking. Nothing is more fun, than knowing people behind blogs, making friends and meeting them in person. This provides me the chance of knowing them; you know not all blogs reflects the author’s personality. So when you meet bloggers offline, make sure to befriend them and start counting them as your friend.
Finding my Own Voice and be able to shout, be heard and be understood. It’s not that I am deprived of my freedom of expressions, but in blogging I am able to gain my own strength and develop the courage to express myself in depth. In expressing myself I always make sure that it has an astounding impact to people for change. In return I had fun reading comments in my blog on how good I am in my reviews, that they found it useful and that they want to experience what I had experienced also. It’s always fun to shout with integrity, because it seems that the echoes of your voice bounced back with a big bang of musical notes dancing in celebration. The One for Iligan Campaign that my fellow bloggers and I was working with, during the calamity that struck my beloved city, proved me that somehow I earned my readers trust.
Finding the fun and making me part in creating and writing the history of humanity as it unfolds at the tip of my fingers. As an author of my blog who wrote articles and publish it, I believe those are already part of history. One day may come and when I am old. The thought such as, [me, reading and reminiscing each article someday, that I wrote today] tickles my imaginative mind. It’s always fun to reminisce my contribution to the humanity in the future. Secondly, it would be more fun if your endeavors are rewarded in a form of recognition from an award giving body. We all knew that everyone aspire for, that's why we have "who knows" one day we might be recognized :)
Finally, whether we admit it or not, as blogger, sometimes we are fool of ourselves. This is the sad truth I realized, when I attended the Blogfest Soccskargen 2.0 in November of 2011. Mae Paner a.k.a Juana Change reminds us bloggers; to keep our feet grounded by not letting things go up in the head. Though we all know that it’s not entirely bad at all to fantasize your hard-earned popularity in the virtual world but her statement reminded me of how important it is to keep grounded because only then when you are always grounded where you can enjoy the fun of blogging---the fun in the social media.
Happy Wold Bloggers Day 2012 to everyone!

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