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Having A Poo On The Toilet Can Be Scary

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10021560 Having A Poo On The Toilet Can Be Scary

Having a poo on the toilet can be scary for a young child and you may find that your child becomes fearful when they need to go for a number two.

Kaiden was fantastic for having a wee, yet when it came to having a poo on the toilet he would beg me to put a nappy on him.

I didn’t make an issue of this as the potty training was going so well, I didn’t want to make it any harder for him as he was doing so well.

After a few weeks, it just happened. He was sat on the toilet having a wee when the poo just plopped out.

“Oh mommy look I had a poo”.

I was so excited that I clapped my hands. This was what he needed, to know nothing bad was going to happen. The praise was just what he needed to spur him on.

To this day when he goes for a poo I am not allowed in the room with him, its something he has to do in private.

I asked my mommy friends if they had experienced a child who was afraid of having a poo on the toilet;

Angie Says; how long  have you got?  I have two children that wont poo , ones 6 and hes getting better but still poos his pants and the other one just holds it in till he cant go and then it takes a further two days for him to finally pass it.

Charlotte Says; Yes my son was scared of having a poo on the toilet. His father started him on the toilet way to early, he was about 2 at the time. Ever since that day he hates the toilet.  I had to re start him on a potty at two and a half and he’s now 3, he uses the toilet when he wants but continuously wees and poos him self. I put this all down to what his dad did.

Emily Says; Archie was dry at 2 years but was only this last month that we managed to get a poo on the toilet after all this time of poo’y pants.  He is now 3 1/2. We tried rewards/taking toys away/ stickers/sweets everything and the thing that finally made him change was a ‘magic tissue’.  Health visitors palmed me off and his nursery were very supportive.

Caroline Says; my eldest was like this, that was until we bought him a toilet ladder. He said he thought he would fall down the toilet.

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