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Having a Baby in Your 30′s & 40′s? A New Study Says It Could Be a Benefit Against One Cancer

By Momatlast @momatlast

by Brandy Aguilar, Special projects

PHOENIX — Getting pregnant over the age of 35 does come with risks. But according to a new study, one common type of cancer might be decreased for moms-to-be.
“I always try to promote physical activity and diet as something that women themselves can take control of and work on,” said Dr. Dana Chase, gynecologic oncologist, with St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center.
Two simple things women can do to stay healthy, especially moms-to-be.

“Certainly you can have a healthy pregnancy over the age of 35, but it’s definitely important to have good pre-natal care,” Chase said.
This can help reduce certain risk factors from high blood pressure to diabetes. According to a new study, women who have babies after 30 may lower their risk of endometrial cancer.
“It’s a cancer that originates in the lining of the uterus, “Chase said.

Of the women analyzed, those who had a baby over the age of 40 were 44-percent less likely to have this type of cancer. Ones between the ages of 35 to 39, reportedly cut their risk by 32-percent.
“Potentially being exposed to less estrogen by being pregnant would have less of a stimulation on your endometrial lining and that’s the way I read it [study],” Chase continued. “But certainly in the study they indicate there should be more studies looking at more factors.”

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