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Have You Pulled a Shania?

By Notquitecarrie @OliviaMackinnon

Have you pulled a Shania?

Relationships are hard sometimes. In addition to trust and commitment, we’re constantly faced with temptation as well. The temptation of total strangers, and even worse, the temptation of those who are close to us as well - very close in fact.

It’s a fact of life – we fall in love with those we get to know well. Often we find that people we’d written off as ‘just friends’ sometimes begin to look more and more like ‘the one’ the more we get to know them. Although, that doesn’t always mean that person is available for the taking – and therein lies the problem.

The person we fall for sometimes isn’t someone we choose to. It may not even be someone we’re meant to become close to – but when we’re subjected to these people in such a close and intense proximity – sometimes the unthinkable happens.

The unthinkable happened to ol’ Shania Twain here. She rounded off a game of swap-the-hubby after her ‘best friend’ and her husband toddled off for some between the sheets action. After those two fell in love and left Shanny and her best friend’s husband on their lonesome, a strange turn of events brought those two together. You could kind of say it worked out for the best, in a crazy, kind of unbelievable way.

We all tsk tsk at Shanny’s best friend – but can we really blame those two for falling in love and going with it? Yes it’s a horrific situation for the partners who are left behind – but can we really stand in the way of love? Are we supposed to ignore our hearts for fear of hurting others?

Yes, admittedly the ruined best-friendship is one of the most devastating results of such a betrayal – but this happens more often than you probably know. Tell me, how often do people leave their spouses for a total stranger? They do it for someone they become close with, they connect with – and more than anyone, we’re often subjected to friends, workmates – and partners of friends.

I know I’m constantly finding an excuse to insert a Jesse or Beiber mention anywhere throughout this ‘ere blog, but this time – this one actually fits the bill. Check out J-Macs song and clip ‘Just so you know’ below – his ode to his best friend’s girl.

Have you pulled a Shania?




So tell me my pretties, do you think that true lovers should be kept apart by circumstance?

Or do you think life’s too short to let someone who has the potential to be the one get away?

Have you ever pulled a Shania?


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