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Have You Become Addicted to Your Phone Symptoms

Posted on the 29 April 2014 by Health_news

addicted to your phone Symptoms

The Smartphone Life:

Technology and Globalization has simply changed our lives completely. It has gifted us with everything that we want to get fulfilled with. Technology has brought a great change in the lifestyle and attitude of people. Where things used to be a necessity, today such things have become assets to show off. Our elderly generation were very much away from technology and so they were living “LIFE” actually and meaningfully. But today, as we are progressing ahead in life, we are becoming away from our near and dear ones. Rather than writing letter, people today prefer to write email; rather can talking on phone, people often go for texting. Our mobile phones or Smart phone has brought a drastic change in our life. Today, we cannot live and breathe without them even for a single second. Want to know about this reality? Then check out the following symptoms and discover your addiction level.

Symptoms that make you a Smartphone Addict:

Smartphone has becoming our life actually. The generation is depending on it to such an extent that they often bump in the following situations. These situations indicate the addiction for Smartphones.

Let us check out the following symptoms which indicate Smartphone addiction:

  • Get panicky even if you miss to see your phone for a second: Almost all of us own a smartphone. It helps us in making and receiving calls, sending texts, browsing internet, etc… The youth today often panic in case they do not spot their phone for even a single second. People shouting or becoming nervous or showing restless behaviors in such a situation are termed to be a smartphone addict.
  • Sleeping with your phone, resting it right besides your head: Almost all of us understand the need of using a smartphone in daytime. But what is the need to hold it in night as well? Nights are meant to be for sleeps. But many people hold the phone while sleeping or keep it near ears. This is actually a sign of addiction.
  • Justifying your phone calls while working: Office life demands the professional to make limited usage of personal calls while offices work. But as many people cannot control this habit, they tend to make justifications in order to save their job. Thus, such people show an addiction for Smartphones.
  • A cracked screen will make you go Mad: Smartphone lovers often keep checking the body of their phone. On seeing a cracked screen, people often make a lot of noise and fuss about it. They cannot accept this and become all the more insane.
  • Managing your apps continuously: Today, apps are very much popular amongst the users. People keep their apps continuously and keep managing them for avoiding clutter. But checking it again and again does not make sense. It is just an addiction.
  • Freaking out for phone and later finding it in hand: People often shout around for their phones and ultimately discover them in their hands. This is an addiction, and so people behave like this.
  • Dislike when you are asked to switch off your phone in flight: One cannot accept to switch off the phone especially being in flight. This gives a disgusting feeling to the users.
  • Expecting notifications after switching on the phone: People often hastily on their phone just to check out whether anyone called them or not or any messages have been received or not.
  • Trying to do two things at same time – Texting and other things: Today, the youth cannot do any single thing without their smartphones. They use it while walking, talking, eating, etc…
  • Repeatedly check sites after making an update: After posting a comment or an update or photo, people often expect notifications back. On checking the phone again and again, users become more addictive.


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