Have Good Ideas

Posted on the 30 June 2015 by Luciano Pacini
Ideas are "The Being" of the Universe and they provide the basis of every kind of knowledge. However, I give to “The Idea” its highest level when it goes into the so-called "Good"; that is a moral principle, a value, an ideal. Something that is a reference model for “The Good Life”; this applied to ethics but also to aesthetics.
The human’s desire for knowledge is so essential that Plato uses the myth of Eros, the greek God of Love, because the attraction that the Philosopher has for the Truth is the same one of two people who truly love each other: it is endless.The dualism between truth and ignorance is perceived by Plato as his teacher Socrates, like a feeling of great dissatisfaction; so I elaborate this enigma: you just want what you haven't.People would tend to a certain wisdom, whose their souls remember vaguely, in fact if they want it so strongly it means they have seen this truth already unconsciously. So in this context, you don’t want just what you haven't but you want what once you already had.The beauty of ideas attracts the philosopher and the good of people, where the purpose of life becomes the discovery of ideas and research of ourselves and God.
“The Man” stands between these two extremes, between "being" and "not be", like a suspension bridge, but Ideas enjoy their freehold, they are free from any other, being relative just to themselves.

Have Good Ideas

Two ideas that come together become two emotions

So people feel the call of “The supercelestial world” where there is the true dimension of being, the only eternal, but on the other side they feel also this domination by the circumstances of life and more materialistic things. So it is necessary to have the knowledge, because in this way you will do good things, instead the ignorant people who do bad things.In Athens there was a lot of uncertainty in concerns the figure of the philosopher, also Socrates talking in a certain way was not understood, because it appeared like an ignorant who hid a true wisdom, the exact opposite of others. To clarify, Plato saw proper to establish some distinction criteria. He arrived to find that the philosopher research the principles of truth but without presuming to possess or own it.Philosophy comes from the history and deal with real and universal issues; there is a connection also with policy that in fact it should born with the knowledge of virtue and with the criteria to separate it from opinions and exploitation. 
Actually a really important thing is to don’t permit to be too much influenced by the opinion, even if you are involved in a situation you must try at least to see things with “objective eyes”. To go in this direction what we need are good Ideas and not ideologies. Good Ideas are The Eternal True, Good and Beautiful.

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