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Haunted Mansion Cakesicles- Halloween Special

By Saumya Shiohare @myriadmusings1

Generally, I am not into making Halloween treats as none of us including my daughter are huge on sweets. Even if I did, everything would just sit in my refrigerator and then eventually I would have had to throw it in the garbage, which btw I hate. But, this year she demanded we did something special and out of the ordinary as trick or treat has been cancelled everywhere. Her school is allowing kids to come in halloween-themed colors, but no full costumes.

Anyways, to keep the Halloween spirits up, we decided to make these haunted mansion cakesicles. It was my first time making cake pops and except for the sticks that got dirty and the orange garnishing frosting that went liquid-y, rest came out good. At the end what matters the most is the taste and there was no dearth of it in these cakesicles.

Haunted Mansion Cakesicles- Halloween Special

These cakesicles are so dang easy and fun to make. Riri and I did it together ( watch our stories HERE ) and we had a blast. She would check the mold every ten minutes to see if the chocolate shell solidified in the refrigerator. The entire process took us an hour ( cake bake time excluded ) including the refrigeration and setting.

We did this in two steps:
1) we baked the red velvet cake that went inside these chocolate shells a few days before we actually made these cakesicles. You could use store-bought cakes or any other flavored cake. Since our theme was halloween we wanted to have that bloody gothic effect for when you bit through the treat.
2) then we made these cakesicles and cooled them in the refrigerator.

Haunted Mansion Cakesicles- Halloween Special

Haunted Mansion Cakesicles- Halloween Special

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Haunted Mansion Cakesicles- Halloween Special

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Haunted Mansion Cakesicles- Halloween Special
Haunted Mansion Cakesicles- Halloween Special

Haunted Mansion Cakesicles ( cake pops )

Recipe creator: Saumya Shiohare

A yummy kid-friendly treat for the halloween

  • Bake the red velvet cake as per the instructions. Let it cool down completely before using it as a filling in the cakesicle.

  • Melt the candy melts in a double-boiler or in the microwave till completely melted.

  • Using a small spoon carefully pour some of the melted candy into the mold whiole it is still hot.

  • With the help of an icecream stick spread the melted candy to cover the sides, top and bottom of the mold.

  • Insert the same stick into the stick insert of the mold.

  • Now take some mushed red velvet cake, press it between your hand to give it an oval shape. Now insert this into the mold to cover the stick and the first layer of melted candy.

  • Now pour some more melted candy to cover the cake pop entirely. Smooth out the extra with a butter knife.

  • Repeat till you have filled up all the eight popsicle slots.

  • Now cover the mold with the lid and let it set in the refrigerator for about 30-40 minutes.

  • Carefully remove individual cakesicle from the mold and place it on a flat board.

  • Decorate with the silver glitter first.

  • Using a piping bag draw swirls with the orange icing.

  • Have fun decorating with the halloween-themed sprinkles.

  • You could use store bought, pre-made red velvet cake.
  • Make sure to clean the sides of the mold before putting it in the refrigerator to set, otherwise the shape of your cakesicle will be off.
  • You can refrigerate these cakesicles for 8-10 days, make sure to consume these within that window.

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