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Hart of Dixie 1x05: Faith and Infidelity

Posted on the 26 October 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

Hart of Dixie 1x05: Faith and Infidelity

Original Air Date: 24 October 2011

Storyline: Zoe discovers something shocking about the local minister and his wife, causing quite a stir among the residents of Bluebell. Lemon is determined to find the funds to renovate the town's historic bridge that was destroyed by Katrina, but first she is put in the extremely awkward position of having to convince Lavon to choose her proposal over so many other worthwhile submissions.Best Quote:

Wade: I told you you should fix that hole in your screen.
Zoe: Yeah, and you told me that you would fix it.
Wade: Maybe. But you should be nicer to me. 'Cause when all those nice churchgoing people get whooshed up to Heaven in the Rapture, gonna be just me and you left to repopulate the Earth.

Review: "I'm Lavon Hayes, and I'm itch free... where it counts." No doubt, this show is constant in delivering fun moments, but it's also heartwarming and makes me miss the small town I grew up in. But please, please, I beg of you, dress Rachel Bilson in something other than shorts from time to time! Shorts don't say cosmopolitanism and there are so many things that can be done with Zoe's wardrobe to still reflect New York. And since we're speaking of wardrobe, I can't help but admire Jamie King's. If there's something I like about Lemon, it's her Southern elegance.

"Faith and Infidelity" follows Zoe as she tries to make the best out of having the practice all to herself for an entire week, while Brick goes fishing, but ends us almost ruining the reverend's marriage by telling his wife he cheated. I mean, wouldn't you do the same if you found out the reverend had syphilis? Call me a cynic as well, but I'm with Zoe on this one: "There is no one percent. That is just the statistical margin of error." But maybe people in small towns are just different, in a good way. I swear, sometimes it's like watching 7th Heaven, without the bunch of kids, of course, but maybe sometimes we need to watch something that doesn't push the drama to extremes with twists and cliffhangers.
We're still discovering Bluebell's residents, but lately it seems like the character development has been strictly focused on Wade, who not only can sing "Moon River" while trying to save the town drunk from killing himself, but he's actually the town drunk's son and occasionally backs his truck over his passed out father. How can Zoe not fall for him? I mean, he's the whole package and doesn't have an annoying fiance trying to run her out of town.
Speaking of Lemon, not only is she irritating and close-minded, but also extremely insecure, which makes her the motherload of all two-dimensional characters TV shows have ever built. Guess what? She's not jealous of Zoe, because "she has no manners, dubious breeding and hair like a grill brush." She's just afraid her man will miss New York and leave Bluebell again and that is enough reason for her to throw a tantrum when finding out George convinced the mayor to build a road with actual functionality instead of repairing a historical bridge no one actually uses. Why move to the 21st century when one can keep living in a storybook town where nothing ever happens, right?
Elsewhere, I was quite pissed at Lavon having no spine despite saying he hates presentations and other methods of influencing his decisions. But politics in Bluebell are done like everywhere else: over a ball game or behind closed doors and a woman can build a useless bridge and all she needs is the mayor having the hots for her.
Now, I read an interview with hunk Wilson Bethel, who talks about possible romance between Zoe and Wade and now that's all I'm waiting for from this series. For this show to actually become amazing, it needs to speed up the pace a little bit, otherwise, it became a solid choice for my Monday nights.Hart of Dixie 1x04: In Havoc and in Heat Back to Season 1

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