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Hart of Dixie 1x04: In Havoc and in Heat

Posted on the 19 October 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

Hart of Dixie 1x04: In Havoc and in Heat

Original Air Date: 17 October 2011

Storyline: As Bluebell is hit by an intense heat wave, Zoe discovers that the hot weather makes everyone act differently and with a lot less inhibition. In fact, it takes all of Zoe's strength to ignore her heat-induced attraction to Wade until it gets the best of her. Meanwhile, Lemon prepares for the arrival of George's family, determined to win them over, but her emotions get the best of her when Lavon shows up to the same restaurant with his date, Didi.Best Quote:

Brick: That's kind of ridiculous, interrupting me in the middle of a family meal.
Zoe: Okay, I have somewhere better to be, too, okay, Brickeroosky? Believe me. Plus, your patient attacked me out of nowhere. There's something definitely wrong with her.
Brick: Well, says you. I'll bet there's a whole bunch of folks who want to smash you in the head with something. I for once resist the urge every day.

Review: What was advertised to be a hot episode of Hart of Dixie turned out to be an adorable one after all, but that doesn't mean it didn't have its share of half-naked people and a skinny-dipping scene which showed an otherwise cerebral Zoe Hart lose her inhibitions.

As a heat wave hits Alabama, every resident in Bluebell gives in to their instincts and even the mayor (who continues to refer to himself in the third person and still doesn't do anything mayorly) walks around without his shirt on. And while for normal people a heat wave means turning on the AC hide lazily inside, Bluebell people go crazy, throw temper tantrums, hit each other in the head and become as horny as a 14-year old boy. A good excuse to introduce the jar of colored condoms Brick and Zoe keep in the office.
Having her contacts melt over her eyeballs didn't stop Zoe to throw a few hilarious one-liners in Brick and Wade's direction and the chemistry she has with her electricity stealing neighbor is actually palpable. Why there are so many George shippers, I don't understand; the guy is just boring (no offense, Scott Porter, I follow you on Twitter and you seem like a fun guy, but that doesn't show on the screen).
Every scene with Zoe and Wade was heartwarming - or should I just say warming? I laughed out loud when she poured the ice water pitcher all over him; if there's something this show does really well is to bring on the comedy. Rachel Bilson was absolutely adorable when she tried on the outfits, but her cuteness really reached its peak when she tried to seduce Wade at the bar. "You got a contact lens situation, or...?" No wonder the guy got confused about her intentions.
Of course, she wouldn't sleep with him. I wonder if that'll ever happen, what with her crush on George and all. But for a moment there, when they met on the porch, I thought she might see more in him than his hot body. Maybe he'll win her over in time, as it's clear as day he's falling for her. I loved the ending: Wade showed his appreciation for Zoe's skinny-dipping but got back inside the house and left her to enjoy her little rebellion without interfering; my heart actually melted.
Kudos to Rachel Bilson's little black dress, but the shorts are still there and that irks me a little bit. But the best fashion choice of the week was Wilson Bethel's wet t-shirt. Yummy!
The episode revisited the relationship between Lemon and Lavon as she was affected by the heat wave as well. Not only did she spend an entire day cooking for the Tuckers, only to be forced to go out to a restaurant instead, but her evening got even more screwed up when she saw her ex with Didi, not to mention Zoe interrupting her dinner. Throwing a temper tantrum doesn't seem all that extreme when you add all this up, but that doesn't mean I understand why Lavon and George are in love with her. But she does have amazing outfits and great skin.
Some other highlights: Zoe's condom stealing ("Took too many. Seems kind of wasteful."). The bantering between her and Brick. The football talk (nothing to kill the mood of a family dinner).
Also, did anyone else notice how fast blood tests are done in Bluebell, Alabama? Hart of Dixie 1x03: Gumbo and Glory Back to Season 1

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