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Harris, Outer Hebrides

By Ros @scotlandphohos

The last batch of photos from my recent trip to the Outer Hebrides.

We arrived off the Uig ferry in the early evening, and were treated to fantastic light on Luskentyre beach. We just had to stop for a wee wander, before heading on to pitch the tents!

Photo - sand dunes reflected in the evening sun, Luskentyre, Scotland


Photo - dusk on Luskentyre beach, Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland


Before we went to St Kilda, we camped at Horgabost on Harris. It’s a great wee campsite, and a wonderful spot for taking photos. (Although the man I overheard telling his pal that he’d just dropped his expensive camera into the sea may not see it that way. He was rinsing his soggy DSLR out in a bucket of fresh water at that point!)

Photo -  seaweed on Horgabost beach on Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland


There were some amazing patterns in the sand. This one looks more like a forest than a beach.

Photo - patterns in the sand at Horgabost beach,Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland


We had an extra day’s wait for the St Kilda trip – delayed by a big storm that came in on the Friday afternoon – so we spent a gray windy day around the South end of Harris, and decided to go for a wander on the beach at Scarista.

Photo - sand dunes on Scarista beach, Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland


The wind was really whipping up  - by this point  I was pretty glad we weren’t on that St Kilda boat!

Photo - wind on the waves at Scarista beach, Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland


From Taransay, you can see the West coast of Harris (most of the time!). It’s particularly spectacular as the sun rises.

Photo - dawn breaking over the hills of Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland


I’m sure those cloud formations over the hill tops must have a name – does anyone know?


Anyone who has been to the Outer Hebrides and seen the sea will know how clear the water is. it’s accentuated as soon as the sun comes out.

Photo - Harris, and the clear water of the Sound of Taransay, Outer Hebrides, Scotland


I’m quite sure I’ll be drawn back to the outer Hebrides before long!


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