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Hard as Nails...

By Thestyletreaty @thestyletreaty
Hard as nails...Hard as nails...Hard as nails...Hard as nails...
Yesterday I declared my love for Topshop nail polish and to celebrate this love went out on my lunch break and bought two new pots.My friends are always joking with me saying everytime she sees me I have a new nail color on, which is true. I hate the sight of chipped nails so as soon as chipping begins the color is whipped off and onto the next one. I have usually found this happens in around day 3/4. However after applying my Topshop nail polish (2 WEEKS AGO!) it occured to me yesterday that it had only just begun to chip!Got to hand it to Topshop, they'd be the last brand I'd think would produce a good chip-resistant product but they're definitely worth buying, plus they come in various tempting colours! Today I went for something I can wear through Autumn/Winter a khaki (I have a serious thing for an item that is a khaki, good alternative to black) and a gorgeous understated stone beige.
 Topshop nail polish RRP £5.00
Colours:Threadbread - £5.00Gypsey Night- £5.00

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