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Happy Valentines Everyone!

By Kerysmarie @littleboblab

 Happy Valentines everyone!
    Hello beauties!   Happy Valentines day! I hope whether you're a in a relationship or a single pringle you're enjoying the day regardless. My facebook has been inundated with lots of people either moaning their single or even people in relationships facebook raging about Valentines being a pointless day & you shouldn't wait for one day a year to express your love..
  Well personally, myself & the Creature say I love you everyday but Valentines is still a lovely excuse to buy each other a little treat or even to go out for a little dinner and celebrate another year together.
Yes I agree, that you shouldn't only celebrate your love once a year but c'mon guys, its a fun little holiday & its not going to go away. Besides next week all the chocolates will be reduced, so that's a win!   Happy Valentines everyone!  Happy Valentines everyone! Happy Valentines everyone! Sources   Tonight myself & Creature will be pretty tame, he's on cooking duty & we'll be sitting back watching (most likely) some violent thriller movie, eating bolognaise and drinking a big bottle a beer  *thumbs up*   Nothing fancy, just us two celebrating our 4th Valentines day together. & also the fact Mango, Leeds sprung a phone interview on me earlier today that has resulted in an invitation to a face2face interview tomorrow! - Winner   Are you doing anything special today Or are you not a valentines celebrator?  
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Happy Valentines everyone!     

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