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Happy Valentine's Day!! So Let's Get Going :)

By Aynetal3 @aynetal3

Happy Valentine's Day!! So Let's get going :)
Friday, February 14, 2014 @ 9:19 am
Good morning!  This is where it all starts.  Well … at least first – Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  Rich and us ate out yesterday afternoon and then hmm played around J  It was a good day and we were on our best behavior.  We’d been giving him some static in the days leading up to things because we have been in a relationship for twenty years and still are not married.  It usually plays itself out the week of Valentine’s, and then as normal … we just have to get over it and plow ahead.  This is the not funnest part of the year I think … even though we let up on it toward the actual day because we don’t see it coming anywhere down the road, then it’s like Valentine’s Day is ok, but nothing real special. 
Rich had gotten us some flowers back on Super Bowl Sunday, so we didn’t want any new flowers, because then he would think the old flowers should be thrown away, but we get attached to them.  Don’t want to see that happen.  I think that’s pretty much it of our Valentine’s … we did send him a card, but when he opened it he said – that’s not going online, right?  Yes dear L
So the REAL big news of the day is that Austin is coming over today.  We’ve just started to be picking up.  We started the washer and dryer, and took care of the clean and dirty dishes.  We figured that we better do our writing since that seems the best way to carry on through the day with getting things done.  It’s about 9:30 am now … and we’re figuring we SHOULD figure out what’s next to do.  That be the way things get done, right?
I think we’re still on the clutter part.  Things have to be picked up maybe starting with the kitchen table and the area around that.  I have to move the two fans that seem to be blocking things and get them out maybe to the sunroom.  I think I have to move a chair there too.  Thinking also maybe about moving the coat rack into that corner?  Shoot that where the pop is too, BUT it would help to get coats up instead of hanging around on all my chairs … that’s really a big turn-off for us.   Rich is saying that my quilt cutting mat and such should probably come down too, but we’re not as excited about that.  To be fair, I THINK we can move it in one sweep when it is time.  All the fabric can go on top the mat, but I might want something to do as Austin is talking to us.  I DO know we have to clear the table for eating, but that might be one of the later things. 
SOOOO.  I guess the first is to look into all those factors by the table and see what we can do. 
AHA!  Rich might be fixing finally the toilet seat YAY!!!!  We were hoping that that would happen before Austin got here … thinking it’s then a good deal.  The old one had a crack
So far so good.  We stopped to talk to Linda for a few moments, but then went right on to the next thing.  We had done the table, pop cases and the coat hanging rack, and then we folded some clothes and picked up in the sitting room, living room and bedroom.  WooHOO!  Moving along!
Hmm tried to make the bed and figured it was going to need washing too.  Blah!  Don’t think this is all happen before 2:45 pm when we pick-up Austin.  We do have things moving right along.  Still have to finish washing and putting away … probably start the dishwasher when Rich is through with lunch, that’s not too much … make the bed AND vacuum/sweep.  Think that’s really about it … maybe check the bathrooms once more.  Hmm and there is some fabric on the guest bed.  Better move that!  I think also we should have our popcorn before we vacuum this area.  I think we’re doing pretty good … we still have four hours.  YAYY!!! Didn’t do the math but figuring things are happening.  I really much know how to clean … just don’t get to it every day.
I think I got about 15 minutes before we have to do anything?  I think the vacuum isn’t too bad, but do dislike when Rich stops during the day to turn on the damn TV.  HMPF!   That’s what headphones are for though, right?
Haven’t thought too much of anything happening except Austin being here and cleaning.  Well, we did go through our email and a bit of facebook this morning.  Most important thing besides the regular way your friends lives ebb and flow was that Ralph Waite died.  He is known more for being the father on “The Waltons,” but more recently we’ve been watching him as the father to Gibbs on NCIS.  He’s going to be missed.  I know a few others have passed like Shirley Temple, but we were more interested in him. 
Most of the TV viewing we’ve been doing has been watching the Olympics with Rich.  That’s what he finally settled on a few moments ago.  He’s been taping the shows so we could watch at will.  That was a good idea.
We’ve watched figure skating, skiing and snowboarding the most, and we haven’t seen bobsledding yet.  It’s been very exciting as I believe millions and millions of people around the world are saying.  My latest thought is that I appreciate the Russian skating team for bringing bag Gold medals for the Russians … before it had been a dynasty.  This is not to say I don’t cheer for the Americans, just I like to watch the really really good stuff and they have a certain amount of style … Although, I didn’t understand them skating to “Jesus Christ Superstar.” It is just a difference of religiosity.  Last night they had the guys that do Alpine and Nordic skiing as the same sport.  First everyone gets a chance to air jump off wickedly high platform, and then they sail and land.  The farthest at that then gets the better position on the Nordic take-off.  I would have never made, but did feel confusingly close to the Nordic skiers.  They had them winding up and back from a 2.5K track in and out of the stadium – so for the 10 K they were brought in front of big crowds.  It’s a different idea because usually the people are in the woods or golf course or something where they don’t get crowds cheering them on.  I think I would have missed the feeling of winding through the woods.  It’s a very beautiful sport.
Ahh just got done with folding some clothes and vacuuming at least a couple of rooms.  We did the sitting room and the dining area.  Still need to do four more rooms … eh … we got it!  Just gotta build up our back again.  J  We checked pop for Austin with his Mom – Rich had asked so we’re thinking he’s getting ready to go to the store.  He had taken a long nap after his early lunch so hoping he’s up to it ok. 
Good good!  We got our Valentine’s picture up too!  We found the one we like of Rich and us – it was taken at his formal dinner with the fishing guys.  He got us both with very nice smiles J  It’s a couple years old now, but will do the trick.  We gave it a few hearts and a Happy Valentine’s Day Banner, and then left it in Facebook.  I like to share that kind of stuff, but we also like it when we go back through time looking at the pictures, words and stuff that we have something to remember the time with.  I love that part of Facebook – having the timeline.
We also sent it to Rich … he’s like ok deeeear, yes it’s a nice picture …. But, then he might be wondering what is happening with all the silly Valentines thoughts.  It’s not the first card we sent him.  He said I couldn’t put up the first.  *sigh*
Ok, moving along … we did some things for Rich before he left, and we got out the litter box and garbage.  YAYYYY … moving along – companywise!  It’s now 12:45 – so we got two hours left – AND in about an hour we are going to want to take our shower.  We’ll wait for the next load to go through … We actually have one more that SHOULD be in today and one more that COULD be in, but probably isn’t.  The last time I just forgot about taking things out of the washer and dryer so we had to start fresh.  I know … it happens
Just took another run of the place.  Picked up the fabric in Austin’s room, changed bathroom towels and found a few other scattered things to put away … like if Rich buys pants, then SHOULDN’T the labels be deposited in the garbage?  NOOOO… we’re not talking about major things … just getting things handled the way I like them.  Next should be the kitchen floor, and then the sunroom, and then the living room, and THEN the bedroom.  PSWOOH!  Lots to do yet.  Anything else besides moving laundry through?  Dishwasher is started, we said that yes?  Think hard now?  Could bring a duster through the rough spots.  Hmm, can do that now.
There there … seems like the worst spots are where there is electronics.  Must gather there like a magnet?
Moving on … hhhhmmm Medicine … ok, that’s taken … all the little trips leave me too tired for the big trips where we’re vacuuming rooms.  We gotta get a handle on that.  We’ve got to do the laundry room while doing the kitchen, hmm, think we can do the bedroom and LR in one turn … there’s just a small section that really has to get done. 
Do OTHER people get to think of anything different when they have guest coming over?  I guess it doesn’t speak much to - how we live normally.  Really not far from picking it up … Just there is always something to do.  I might want to bring the dust mop through the kitchen too.  That would be if there were REALLY extra time, hmm? 
Austin hasn’t been here like for 3 months.  We always want to put out a good impression.  Yup yup … good thinking!Still have about ten minutes.  Is there anything actually to write about?  I don’t know if I said it, but we had Dr. Marvin yesterday like normal.  Rich is still bringing us in which is a very big relief.  We should be getting our driver’s license very soon though because he has an operation date.  He’s going to have a right hip replacement on March 4th.  We just found out a couple of days ago.  I don’t think he’s close to processing it all.  We’ll let those thoughts go to his own pace, but I hope he starts calling a few people who might worry about him to talk it out … think that’s part of the getting ready process as well as trying to put together things to run without you.  It will mean major shopping before he goes, but even at that, the local Arts Grocery store delivers.  He’s going to have to stay home pretty much, but they say the recovery part is just using the movements for everyday life.  I don’t think they want his knees higher than his lap when sitting, and I think he’s going to need a grounded walker for a while.  Thinking recovery now days is like 3-4 weeks.  We know our sweetheart … he’s going to need LOTS of babying J
One of the subjects that came up this week – most likely because it’s Valentines is the question of not being married after 20 years.  We had to concede that buying a house together is a very big piece of that picture, but not quite carrying the slope.  Rich tends to think if we talk about marriage it is like persecuting him.  He generally doesn’t jump to things until pushed, but he’s a long ways from wanting another wife.  He loves our relationship and thinks negative things about being married.  I have to respect his wishes, but still it’s a long toll on a girl – not to be “taken.”  *sigh*  Maybe it will be better after we play with my princess Barbie dolls over the weekend? OK … letting that one go too.
I think we had wrote and then left a link as to what we’d worked on over the weekend.  I haven’t gotten back to finish some of our thoughts there after people had responded, so don’t know where that is, but we knew today would be busy – and that we’d be unable to focus on it just yet.  Maybe tomorrow or Sunday when Austin is working on his computer.  Oh yeah – teenager?  OH SURE Hehehe the computer is coming!  When he’s here at the house … and it was the same for the girls, I always feel like we are sharing that experience, because as much as they are on their computers or phones, we’re doing the same.  Makes the talking time special, but that part is too.
Ok, another run.  We got the kitchen and laundry room floor done – well vacuumed … still gotta mop specially through the parts by the ledge.  I’m thinking someone dropped ice cream on the floor!??
Ok, like Rich doesn’t really eat too much ice cream, but maybe the cats?  They like licking the bowl!
Just ten minutes this time … then the sun room.  I know tired list, right?
Hey!  It looks like the group has it’s next podcast up!  This is the one Bluejay Young from Astraea’s is interviewing another Multiple of the group named Klio from the Rhymers.  I will listen to it after the shower.  Just trying to stay fairly calm.  I know that Rich is going to come home tired with groceries.  Trying to plan time to help him, just we’re saving ourselves for what we’ve already got to do.  It might mean that I should clear off some of the clothes off the counter.  Just don’t want to do that until we get the vacuuming done and progressed the net load of clothes.  The dryer is colored and the washer is blanket and sheets.  THEN one more short colored load.  That will probably be started before we leave and finished after we get back.  It probably means that the bed linen isn’t going to get made before we go for Austin, but worse things have happened.  Right?
We’re doing pretty good on the piano this week, though we haven’t played yet today.  Maybe later … It would be really neat to see if Austin had any interest on the piano, but otherwise, we might have to take some time with it … like in the morning when he’s still sleeping.  We can put it on very low.  Hehehe – not so sure he has Rich’s tolerance to listen for long periods of repeating.  You know?!!
Good good … got the sunroom vacuumed …  AND, we got the next load folded.  This means theoretically, we could get the blanket/sheets dried AND get the last load of colors in the dryer … BUT, we’re going to have to work harder if we’re getting all those clothes put away.  That’s going to be a chore.  Not sure There will be enough time with shower and vacuuming one more.  Maybe we’ll get things put away, except the pieces that get hung up.  Running down on time and we want a few moments to stabilize before getting in the shower.  Breathe, Breathe …  Don’t want to be caught up in Rich stuff before jumping in the shower, AND we really want to do the last vacuuming too.  But, it would mean better chance of getting in car with wet hair.  Hmm, gotta think clearly.  How do people do all this? 
Well except the people that have maids.  Not thinking we’re ready for that yet.  We kinda like putzing around OUR OWN home!  We should be looking for dates now … think we’re close to one year anniversary dates for the house.  AHA!  Our bid was accepted February 10th and today is a year later February 14th.  We closed on March 1, 2013 and we moved in formally on March 25th.  What a whirlwind all that was … not only closing, but moving stuff AND our minds to be living in a new home.  This is where we’re at …
Happy Valentine's Day!! So Let's get going :)
Happy Valentine's Day!! So Let's get going :)
Happy Valentine's Day!! So Let's get going :)
Little less by a lot of standards, but for us – it meant OWNING a home W/O a mortgage.  We still pay $440 a month to rent the land, but we’re pretty happy with that too.  At least we have everything we need here in utilities, neighbors and yard.  Happy happy.  Good day to see it now too!  BECAUSE … all the picking up is done … we finished the vacuuming of the bedroom and living room including cat fur on the couches. 
Better get in the shower, now, right?  Don’t you think we need a lot of confirming to get from one place to another?  I really do like this kind of day when we do it … mostly because the house being in good shape makes us feel better, but also because it means that in a few hours we’re going to get to see Austin.  Not sure if he’s into Olympics – guessing not, but we’ll see how things turn out after we get him!!!!!  WooHOO!
Just now we have to do laundry and shower, right?  Was there anything else?
AHA!  We’re moving along!  We put most the clothes away, but still need to hang up the shirts.  BUT, everything else was put away AND we got our shower done.  It’s 2:30 pm now and Rich is saying that it will only take an hour, so we’re going to leave 15 minutes earlier at 3 pm.  Hmm, good timing … dryer stopped and the washed load was ready … I asked Rich if he could help us in 15 minutes to make the bed.  He only got enough groceries for the weekend – so he put them away while I finished the clothes.  Well except the load in the dryer.  Just need some time to rest again.  It is a process.  Hmm, the dryer is thumping … we put in our slippers with the rubber bottoms … I think it will work.  The upper is fabric sturdy enough for washer and dryer.  I think the dishes are dry by now too, but we’ll wait on that … too much … just gotta get ready make the bed get FORMALLY dressed WITH shoes and then I think we’re going to be ready.  Might want to bring our backpack with us too.  Austin knows I usually travel with the computer.  Plus now we’re traveling with our music.  Just never know when it will be on the top of the list to study!
Rich was a LITTLE presumptuous.  He said that after he dies he’s coming back as my Grandson, because then he’ll always have a clean house.  BLAH!  Ok, Mister … takes two to tangle!  I really get frustrated with the clutter.  Not always Rich, but sometimes people just have to get in the habit of putting things away!  You know!  Hmm, looking at my Spreadsheet project still sitting on my desk and the fabric I’m cutting still on the dining room table.  Can’t complain ALWAYS about just what Rich is doing.  It is a REALLY nice feeling though having things caught up.  I think I’d still like to wash the kitchen floor if we get a chance, but that was a project that was too demanding in the time we had available.  I don’t think many people really study the kitchen floor, but I KNOW it needs it!  Ok, girls – lets move on??
Anything else to say with this last few moments before the next run? 

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