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Happy Valentine's Day... Nonsense

By Carlo @CarloAtYourServ

Happy Valentine's Day... Nonsense Happy Valentine's Day... nonsense? Uh huh.
Okay, it's Valentine's Day week and it's getting down to the last minute, so that means retailer's are going to be coming after you... hard. 

This is their last ditch effort to get your "cheddar", baby. 
For those of you who don't comprehend the lingo, that's get your money, baby.
Reader Advisory: about Party Mad Monday posts
"Hallmark holiday's", as my mother calls them, are pretty big money makers.
Restaurants will be busier, florists too - of course, and caterer's and party planner's will get a little Valentine-love juice too, I reckon.
When I started Cater-Hater, spent considerable amounts of time trying like hell to figure out what it should be about, and learned to not sweat the small change and to roll with the direction of the energy of it; namely, you guys energy... the readers.
Happy Valentine's Day... Nonsense All in all, this PMM (Party Mad Monday) series has been continually picking up speed which has been nice because it let's me know that you're pissed off consumers... people who are not having it from these stupid party business owner yee-ha's who were only out to make a buck off you to begin with, that were never on your side anyway because they don't have access to your bank account (it's all about money with these people, never humanity for humanity sake... ain't that some shit?) - so, you're paying attention and joining the ranks of the other PMM readers who are wondering just who those people seem to think they are, like I am.
So yeah... it's Valentine's Day in a few days and there's nothing much I want, except for the words "Sale" and "Discount" not to offer you guys some dreadful drekk-crap, loss leader bullshit they're purposely offering you for the sake of a damn dollar, nothing fancy for me guys, thankyouverymuch. Other than that, I can't think of anything material-wise. Valentine's Day was always an anomaly to me anyway. I'm loyal as all-get-out to my friends but admittedly a crappy girlfriend... I'm a great wife, but I probably do my best work flying solo (maybe some of you can relate?). Just threw that in there... keeping it real.

Non-material wise, I can always get all hot and bothered and come up with a few things - none of which will likely fall into my lap this coming Thursday, which of course is officially Valentine's Day, by the way. But I'd like you guys to fair well though. On a large scale I'd like for all American military to come home from any foreign land they currently inhabit, permanently. Will that happen? No. But I can dream, can't I?
Honing things down some, I'd like all the food that's grown in America to be "old school" organic and natural like it was "back in the day", before big business (Monsanto) came along and started screwing things up for their own agenda - again, for the sake of a dollar (the greedy bastards!), although selfishly I hate to say it... but I'm glad that I'll be dead and gone when the atrocious fallout from the incarnation of what they're currently creating shows the world it's major effects on people who consumed GMO food. More than anything, I want people to wake up to what's going on, buy food contrary to the new GMO culture, and for people to live healthy, happy, and free. I'd like to see the party industry stop holding hands with each other and hold your hand, and while they're at it, I'd like to literally shut down every bogus party provider (i.e. florist, caterer, wedding planner, party and event planners too, and the like who interface with consumers to make parties happen) operating to rip you off, that is in existence.
Happy Valentine's Day... Nonsense I'd like the current crop of "celebrity party planners" to exude some middle-class mentality and decorum for a change and create a few pro bono events for charities, like children's hospitals.
I'd like anyone who doesn't take the time to understand the Party Mad Monday message to shut the hell up... (and trust me they're out there; too chicken shit to stand up for themselves and leave a comment, so like babies they sulk off into their great abyss of nothingness and unsubscribe - how original [Not! I guess they forgot or didn't know that it's easy to tell who's a "Joe Schmoe" subscriber and who is an actual (so-called) party provider professional subscriber by merely looking at their dot com email addresses on the subscriber list]). Yeah.. these scardy-cat people, always trying to have an opinion about something they know absolutely nothing about, like treating you guys with more respect than just lip service. I can tell you right now, their next goal in life should be to take their mouths off you (meaning: stop talking smack you), which... what I'm really saying is; stop whining about what you're not doing, that you don't want to do, that they want you to do, by thinking they can coerce you into doing it by using witchcraft [manipulation] to get you to spend your money). It's you good people, who actually have all of the control anyway. Even though they've got some of you duped into believing otherwise. Don't believe them. They're liars.

Happy Valentine's Day... Nonsense

Angry Cat hates everything.

I'd like to see 1-800-Flowers and the FTD Floral Delivery Service to give half of their Valentine's Day profits away to some very worthy homeless shelters and soup kitchens - in fact, since I'm sitting over here wishing for things, that goes for pretty much every proselytizing party related business owner as well. Just imagine how much money those non-profit shelters and soup kitchens would rake in, if each party business owner would only give a measly five dollars a piece. Yeah, right. You know that's a dream, right?
I'd like the current crop of Hollywood, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, and Miami catering and event planning, wedding planning, and party planning company Top Dog's to grow a spine and a set of balls and give big and push others in the party business making good money to give big too (cos everybody's not starving) on this so-called Day of Love known as Valentine's Day, by sharing with those less fortunate.
And I'd really like to see the people who hold all of the catering and event planning conferences to be collectively abducted by aliens in space, subjugated to body probes (anal included), sheared like lambs, dyed their least favorite colors, trained to stop lying to you guys (you consumer's are definitively Kings and Queens, y'all!), and placed on public display for all the world to see, where you guys can taunt them and hurl questions at them about their anti-customer money mongering tactics. We know what they'll do though, don't we? This one will claim everything is that ones fault. That one will claim everything is this ones fault. The heads of the organizations that ask the industry people to annually convene will be gibbering incessantly, trying to explain and I'll be standing on the sidelines - cracking up laughing, while you guys scream at them, making your never-ending questions and demands. Ahhh... the joy of it. I can dream, can't I?
Happy Valentine's Day... Nonsense And yeah, I'm still over here pumpin' out PMM posts. Like comedienne Katt Williams said, "You can't worry about what other people think. Or, then you do fake shit." {Hands held out to the side, up in the air} Hey that's Katt spittin' that truth; he said it... I'm just telling you what he said, is all.

Cater-Hater Party Mad Monday Warning: Keep acting a fool; trying to play like you don't get it. You won't have any new customers falling in love with your asses and writing the names of your businesses across their hearts, wanting you to be their Valentine.
Oh hell... at this stage of the juncture we're still on the journey, so I guess I'll be happy about Valentine's Day after all. Even though I don't like how they treat you... but, I am so glad that we do agree.

Happy Valentine's Day... Nonsense

Yes, yes, yes... I do agree with you.

Happy Valentine's Day... nonsense, everyone.

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Opportunities to be inspired about parties are everywhere. Yet, people looking out for your wallet are few and far between. My goal is to inspire you, causing you to question the way things are that have been the status quo for too long. When we stand together and speak up, we can be a powerful force.
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Happy Valentine's Day... Nonsense
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