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Happy Tuesday!

By Cgajid @cgajid
Vinchi would like to wish all of our fellow vintage fanatics a Happy Tuesday! You may be thinking why are we wishing you Happy Tuesday, it's just an ordinary day of the week? Not as far as Vinchi is concerned! For us every day is another exciting search and adventure at our favorite destination: The Amazing world of vintage!
We at Vinchi our loving the skirt sensation this Summer! And of course the latest trend in the skirt factory is the 1960s skater-style skirt, perfect for a trip to town, a picnic in the park or bathing on the beach these are all round pleasure for all of us!
So, if it's what's hot, we at have it! Take a look at this funky 1960s lotto skirt oooo and is that 17 pounds you see? It definitely is! We know, fantastic price on the latest vintage trend, that's what we are all about; making you look gorgeous at gorgeous prices!
Keep posted to see what's hot in the ultimate destination: The Fabulous World of Vintage
Vinchi x

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